I wanna wake up where you are

Some vids of the Goo Goo Dolls/Ryan Star Concert (the video quality isn’t great but it sounds awesome)
ah i love black balloon so much
Name ❀
And of course Iris.

Ryan Star:

Miguel: (the picture is awesome the sound not so much lol)
My sister made sure we hustled our way up to the front! look at these shots:

Miguel put on a GREAT show. We met his guitarist and bassist (not Miguel himself 😦 ) and they were both very lovely. The two opening acts were FANTASTIC as well. It was a nice show.
It was a fantastic week. I think the interview for Sephora went well i’ll know if I am qualified for a second interview next week. If I don’t get the job I really won’t sweat it but it’d definitely help. I’m already looking for my next concert to go to. I’m still bummed I missed Patrick Stump when he came around.
So this is just a post about the concerts basically I wanted to have a place I could watch the videos. Here are some vids from various shows Weezer:
30 seconds to mars:
I have more videos but idk where the hell they are. I wanna invest in a better digital camera thats 200 or lower with a good zoom and tinyish. Any good ideas? Let me know!

So much pain may come our way. There may come a day when we have nothing left to say.

It’s been awhile since I have blogged. Shame on me. I didn’t go to weight watchers this week because I chose to have a little fun instead hanging out with new friends. They’re awesome. Yeah they are. I have done some walking but not much gymage but I’ll go hard tomorrow, monday, tuesday, and def wednesday for my weigh in Thursday. Most def. I wish you could see me right now. I just blew my hair out of my face like an exasperated teen. I Carly is on in the background and I am all PJ bottomed up with my make up still on from the day. I had a gross day at work, as per usual, with the douchey customer here and there. It’s not even worth blogging about honestly. It was just the lamest.
I have noticed that since the weather has gotten nicer I don’t feel like blogging as much. Yeah, I still vlog, but that doesn’t take as much though as a blog. I guess because I just spew whatever comes to mind on camera. I just hope things stay good. I have been in an awesome mood this past week and I hoping I keep the positivity rollin’ . I just really hope a new job comes up. Primerica is all up in my grill to sell their insurance but I really don’t know if I want to work off comission basis. I don’t know that many people, at this point and time, who need to buy life insurance. Plus I really don’t feel like shelling out the 100 bucks for that when I can use that money to buy my Paramore/Tegan and Sara tix. That recruiter would read this and weep but it’s the truth! Okay I am all tapped out. Until later..