Valentine’s Day isn’t just for lovers

In words of the wonderful Parks and Recreation: TREAT YOSELF

I am super single. I wear the S on my chest proudly for my singledom and not a damn nor fuck is given. As you call can see it is now February and all the gushy stuff is out. I love red and pink so I enjoy seeing the displays in stores. Seriously. I ain’t even mad bro. What’s also good about Valentine’s Day is some stuff is on sale on a certain website that caters to lovers as WELL as yoself. Or would it be YOSELVES? Aziz Ansari you need to straighten me out on this one.
Any way.
Back to Edenfantasys. Right now they have a sale special for February. They have 25% off storewide if you use the code HOT4YOU .
I love how they’re going with my theme here: hot for yo self! Apparently, they also have their luxury items on sale.
Since I am probably going to spend this romantic holiday on my own I am going to invest in some SUHweet bath products. What’s cool about edenfantasys is the have a whole section full of goodies. I don’t know about you guys but I am super intrigued by anything that say’s treasures of the seas. I just fully appreciate a site that offers such a range of products for any person to enjoy. Whether it be male or female you can have fun. I think when it comes to this holiday season you gotta realize it shouldn’t take a holiday for you to profess your love for whoever or whatever. I am taking the time out to love ME and I think that’s a helluva lot more important before I start worrying about who is my Valentine. I will just treat myself to a little somethin’ somethin’ instead. Remember to ALWAYS treat yo self.

Such a sucker for a blue eyed FUCKER

So tomorrow is valentine’s day.. YAY? Well, for single ladies like me it’s just another day to remind us how extra alone we are. This year I said FUCK it. I am alone and who’s with me? So I’m grabbing my single bitches and we’re gonna have a few cocktails and toast singledom. RAHH LOL.

So, I’ve been peeping the dudes that shop at pathmark and they’re some hotties up in that piece. Seriously. HOTTIES. It’s right by the University of Delaware so they’re usually snotty mcsnotties or dumby mcdumby frat boys so I have zero chances with them fellas but I can look can’t I? DAMN STRAIGHT! Sigh… I love blue eyes. Damn near every guy I have fallen head over heals with has had blue eyes. I am in need of some affection damnit! Where are the single men out? Chubby chasers? We big bitches try harder lol! Here is my vlog from last night
love ya guys