you don’t like me you just like the attention

It is SUNDAY FUNDAY. I woke up with the worst backaches ever. Losing a person makes you become a regular woman again and that blows. But at least it went back to it’s normal three day schedule instead of the month long grossness I would get every 4 months or so. Last I’ll talk of that.
Today i’m visiting with my cousins which should be a good time. Wine and pizza is the classy way of life.
So in honor of Sunday I took a shower and I felt like singing. I was like I don’t look so terrible all wet haired and no make up so lets do this. So here THAT is

So happy Sunday ya’ll because you know Monday is just a day away.

Psychobabble all upon your lips

So I kinda need to apologize for my last post. Well, I don’t really since it’s my blog and that is exactly how I felt at the time. I was going to individually comment back to each person who commented the other day but I thought I could address it all today on here. I appreciate each kind words you gave me. It is just so hard to think positively when at times I feel suffocated and there are even moments when my parents assure me life is just going to get worse. How is that inspirational? Sometimes I need to turn to my friends to help me see that it can get better. Its funny today the movie The Night at the Museum 2 was what inspired me a lot today. It was the character Amelia Earhart who kept saying why do you do anything except for the love of it? We don’t do much for the love of it and isn’t that what the American dream was built on? Pursuit of happiness? Sometimes I feel overwhelmed by the bad and forget to hang out to the good that will and should come if I keep my head outta my ass. I am going to try and stay positive but I know I’ll have more days when I feel so crappy I just want to cry and cry and cry but I’ll battle that on that day.

And life’s too short for me to stop Oh baby, your time is running out.

First off thank you so much Brandi! This header right hurr on my page was made by that fabulous young lady. Check her site out. It’s amazing as is she.

Second off, let me say thanks to every one of my friends in regards to their amazing support in response to my last entry I was a certified mess that night but I am feeling a lot better. I am going to struggle and this is a loooong process. I am doing this and I am going to have eff ups. My lovely friend Leslie also did something fabulous for me and I want to share it here even though its kinda personally for me lol.

She’s a dollface, ain’t she? Enough of all that though. I want to talk about Death at a Funeral.
Here is the trailer:
This movie is effing hilarious. Have ya’ll seen it? Well, I went to see Shutter Island last night and they showed this trailer

Now, if you have seen the original movie this is the same exact movie updated with an american cast but keeping the same actor for same role; Peter Dinklage. Don’t get me wrong, this movie looks hilarious as well but how unoriginal can you be to redo a movie that only came out three years ago? Shame on Hollywood. Seriously. Now this movie is going to get more credit than the original. Lame.
Let me talk about Shutter Island briefly. I really liked the movie. It is not better than other Scrosese works, like say, The Departed , but it is a visually stunning film. The first 45 minutes are so… leaves you a little itchy and bored, honestly, but it picks it up. It’s a psychological thriller not really this horror fest some people were led to believe by the previews. I give it a 3 out of 5 stars due to the first hour lacking. I really think that it is a great movie and I can’t wait to watch it again because then, during the second viewing, you can pick up all of the little things. That’s the great thing about this movie. You can watch it over again and pick out the things you miss. I hate movies you can only watch once. That’s lame. I love a movie I’ll buy and watch over and over again. This is a much watch, personally. The Rotten Tomatoes gave it a 60% but eff them. It’s a great movie.
❀ you all and thanks soo much again for the header Brandi. I finally feel like this blog is mine!