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Exciting news: I have an interview for a job at my local Sephora! It’d probably just be for the holiday season but I really wanted to get a second job this winter to pay off debts and focus on saving. This would be a dream because I’d be able to do a lot of my holiday shopping there for a good discount. The not so exciting news is I will be getting half an occurrence for leaving early for my interview because the day is blocked off because another plan is being implemented this month. It pisses me off because I would only be using an hour and a half of vacation time to do this interview. I have been doing overtime these past two weeks to help this new plan. They could spare a broad for an hour an a half. Hell, I’d even come back after the interview and stay til seven to make up the time! So annoying!
While I like my job and am thankful of it I need to be more mindful of my food intake while on the job. I do a lot of desk eating which is really not healthy. I’m not stuffing my face by any means but I am not enjoying my foods like I should. I end up eating probably an extra 200 calories because of the mindless eating. I need to nip that in the bud before it becomes a full on habit. I really hope I get this job at Sephora so I can keep busy. I am not a stranger to working two jobs. At one point I was working three jobs and going to school part-time. Not that I want to kill myself with all these hours but I really do need to start chopping away at this debt while I can. There is no reason for me to let it sit there accruing interest. I just wish I could magically fall into like 10 grand so I could pay off my debts and then put a down payment on a car. Nothing fancy. But no I’ll do what I do best and work for my money and get this shit started. Faze two of operation awesome Krystal. Being financially stable. Operation get healthy Krystal is still on full force but the exercise part is eh for the moment. I don’t want to be on the eh side. My knee is killing me for some reason. It’s swollen at the knee and thigh. I have been doing a lot of dancing with Dance Central 2. I am still big so maybe its just too much? I did the elliptical for 12 minutes last night and I was trying to push for 20 but my knee just wouldn’t let me. I know I need to see an ortho doctor but I am sure he’s just going to be like you need to lose more weight. I’m aware, sir. It could also be poor support in my shoes. I wear a lot of flats and when I do the dancing game I tend to be barefoot and our floor is tile so there is that possibility. It was a lot better today it was super throbby at Jenn’s daughter’s birthday party but I had a great time with her and Amanda

this photograph is proof

I really had a great time. Those girls are awesome.
So let’s hope my knee gets better and I find some good insoles quick. I may just have to shell out for those forty dollar ones they sell at wal-mart that are specific to my feet and I can get back to exercising forrealsies.

hopelessly hopeful

I am in tears right now and I can’t help it. I hate feeling this way; like I won’t make it. Like there is nothing for me. I have been searching and searching for a job for the past six months and all I have come up with is nothing but rejection after rejection.
Like these:

Thank you for your interest in Bayada Nurses. At this time, we are not able to offer you a position.

We wish you success in future endeavors.

Very truly yours,

Bayada Nurses Willow Grove Staffing

Thank you for your interest in the position CLIN SUPPORT ASSOC – SATS at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (Requisition Number: 10-20323). At this time, we are reviewing candidates whose qualifications more closely match our current needs.

Please continue to explore other employment opportunities at the Hospital.

#58 – EX-UNC

Dear Krystal,

Thank you for your interest in Bravo Health’s Health Services Assistant, Concurrent Review position.

We are fortunate to have many qualified candidates apply to each of our positions. Although your background and qualifications are impressive, we have determined that the credentials of other candidates may better fit our needs at this time.

We will keep your resume on file for future opportunities with Bravo Health, and wish you much success in your job search.

Bravo Health Recruitment

&& those were just fromt today and it is only 10:30 a.m. I am frustrated to the point of depression. I don’t feel like doing anything. I don’t want to leave the house unless it’s for work. I am about to cancel my plans for tomorrow because I simply don’t have enough money. I am aching. The job board at my school website is basically no help because that is where I am getting these rejection emails from. I hate living like I won’t be able to make it. That I may have to just settle for a job I hate because ” that is life.” Right now I can’t even find a job I hate. The only thing I have been coming up with is wawa. WAWA! That was the job that nearly killed me for the abuse I had to put up with and I am thinking about going back to that. Am I crazy? Do I really need money so badly? Yes. I am a dead weight at my parents house because I can’t afford anything! I went to lush the other day and spent just ten dollars and now I feel very guilty for doing that but I needed a pick me up badly!
Another thing I am upset about is I was supposed to get a car today from my uncle but it is looking like that isn’t happening either. I was going to give him two hundred dollars today and fifty next week. My plan was to get another job, practice driving it (it’s stick), and then get insurance. If I got the car today there is no way I can be up and driving this month I’d have to wait until I get a better or secondary income. It looks like THAT isn’t happening. Today I am going to have to just print out two resumes, multiple copies, one for retail and one for medical assisting, and hand them out. I must not feel hopeless but I am on the brink. Please pray for me. I need to get out of my parents house, I NEED to give them money, I need to get this car thing rolling, I need money! Who ever said money can’t buy happiness is a damned liar and a half!

What I am so concerned about is not making it. The world ending or something and this i s what I have to show for myself. CRAP! Nothing nothing nothing big fat NOTHING! A 22 year old loser who lives with her parents working at a supermarket. big wow!