Don’t underestimate the things that I will do. There’s a fire starting in my heart

Happy Holidays everyone and to those who don’t celebrate anything I hope your winter is shaping up to be awesome. I never used to celebrate anything growing up so I definitely want to include you all. Was your holiday good? Came by way too fast? Did it feel like Christmas was a bit forced down our throats this year? Was that just me or maybe working in retail at the holidays makes one a bit cynical?

I had a very nice Christmas despite a few things. Most notably terrible was losing my great grandfather on Christmas Eve.Which, my mother said, is his favorite day on the year. I felt so bad for my momma because that was her grandfather and she couldn’t fly to Puerto Rico to be with her family. Flights are so expensive this time of year. He was sick and now he’s at peace so I think she’s handling it well and enjoyed the holiday despite the sorrow. Loss is never, ever, easy.

Such a day that comes so fleeting and leaves in the same fashion. Tonight I go back to work on Boxing Day which means psycho gift card holders shopping. “Women be SHOPPIN’.” I’m fearful for my life.
Today I was trying to lazy around in my new pimp ass pink leopard pajamas but it looks like I have to run errands for a little bit with the sisters. I have been using the fat girl slim stuff for two days now. I love the stuff so far because it smells nice. I’ll let you know in a month if with a combo of fierce exercise and fat girl slim if I notice any difference.
So now that it’s after Christmas I have been, of course, thinking of New Years! I don’t know exactly what I’m doing yet but I’m excited to just meet a new year with, hopefully, a smile on my face. I gotta top this year. I lost over 80 pounds this year so next year I have to lose 80 more to stay consistent. I just want to get right and stay happy. Melodrama needs to stay in a jar deep with in my soul and just stay there. A real, obligatory, new years post will be posted in a few days.

Happy Holidaysish

My last post was slightly depressing. Okay, totally depressing.  But thats how i feel sometimes and you know what thats why this is my blog.   I woke up at 4 today so i didn’t sleep forever. I ate some bk.. no good no good… but atleast i got out the house for other things other than WORK. I have stumbled upon some awesome blogs in my travels. I don’t want to link them with out permission but they know who they are. I mean Dan, my Brandy and Brandi are linked on the right and they are studependous to the max.  Check them out when you get a chance. but there are other blogs that are pretty awesome another one with a girl with weight issues just like me! I was like whoa! A girl I can relate too. She just finished getting the lap band surgery so shes kinda my hero right now. I can’t get that surgery right now due to no health insurance. Believe me ishes I’ve looked into it. It just takes pretty much 6 months to a year to get it all set up and I had my consult at the end of april; my insurance went away on my 22nd birthday in October.  So I have to do it on my own for now. Which is what you have to do ANYWAY. I mean the surgery is not a quick fix its a total lifetime change and you never really eat the same again. So chyeah let me tell you bk is not on the menu! So its seven and i really still don’t feel well so im going to fit in another nap before work at twelve.  heres my new holiday pic i love x-mas time!