It’s just a matter of time til we’re all found out

Okay guys as much as I hate to admit it summer is coming to an end. Summer is closing and fall is a comin’! Realizing this I have been thinking about one of my favorite holidays; HALLOWEEN. As some of you may know I write about Edenfantasys sometimes and talk about what they offer. Edenfantasy’s is an website full of all kinds of goodies for us older than 18 🙂 While you guys might be into the whole buying OTHER things I’m not advertising anything of the like on here. I will say they have an extensive line of plus size lingerie and costume wear. While I may have lost 133 pounds (I weighed myself the other day! Down officially 133!) I am still plus size. EdenFantasys offers a wide range of plus size costumes. Some are WAY to risque for a girl like me, but they do have a variety. So far I have my eye on this little number.

Now mind you ALL I would definitely have to figure out a way to cover them tatas up. I would probably wear navy leggings as well as to not be TOO revealing. They have tons of costumes right now and it totally doesn’t hurt to look. I know some of my loca friends would totally be buying some costumes for BEFORE and AFTER halloween if you know what I’m sayin’!
If I were to go with anything it would probably be one of the school girl costumes. They look a little less revealing. We’ll see. It’s just fun to think about. Something to look forward to for the fall when the cold months start coming. I did really wanna be a sailor girl though. Ever since Dance Central. I think I’m going to try some of EdenFantasys bath and beauty line soon and let you know what I think about it! Until next time everyone.


Roll away your stone

This weekend was the first appearance of Halloween for me. I had a costume party to go to so I racked my brain trying to figure out a reasonable costume to wear. I wanted to look cute but i can’t very well go all slutface so I found a happy medium:

I was a Flapper and my friend Katie was a peacock. My mom basically made both of our costumes. I spend 30 bucks on the fringe, ribbon, feather, and fake cigarette holder. We hot glue gunned the fringe to an old slip thing I had. We made the headband and I bought leopard tights. I think I did well and spent WAY less on this than I would have on a plus size costume. It looked a hell of a lot better too if I do say so myself. It was another one of those nights where pretty much everyone else was drunk and I was NOT drinking. I am getting better at dealing with it. I end up just laughing at the douchebags who are all drunk. I was able to be rescued by my friends Jason and Heather since the people I came with kinda disappeared which of course pissed me off but I was the DD so I couldn’t just bounce. I know you don’t need liquor to have fun but in that social setting it may have put me less on edge. I just have this spastic moments of feeling like shit sometimes because I feel like being my weight I am socially awkward. I was the biggest girl in there dressed up. I should be proud that I am crossing boundaries and looking good while doing it but you KNOW how some people can be. I’m still staying positive because this may very well be the last Halloween i’m plus size. Who knows? I’m working hard. I did the elliptical yesterday and I’m going to try and walk today. We’ll see how it goes! Today I have to do some running around: dropping my sisters off at a friends house, going to get a sweater, and possibly seeing 50/50 because I REALLY want to see it. We shall see. Until later…