Valentine’s Day isn’t just for lovers

In words of the wonderful Parks and Recreation: TREAT YOSELF

I am super single. I wear the S on my chest proudly for my singledom and not a damn nor fuck is given. As you call can see it is now February and all the gushy stuff is out. I love red and pink so I enjoy seeing the displays in stores. Seriously. I ain’t even mad bro. What’s also good about Valentine’s Day is some stuff is on sale on a certain website that caters to lovers as WELL as yoself. Or would it be YOSELVES? Aziz Ansari you need to straighten me out on this one.
Any way.
Back to Edenfantasys. Right now they have a sale special for February. They have 25% off storewide if you use the code HOT4YOU .
I love how they’re going with my theme here: hot for yo self! Apparently, they also have their luxury items on sale.
Since I am probably going to spend this romantic holiday on my own I am going to invest in some SUHweet bath products. What’s cool about edenfantasys is the have a whole section full of goodies. I don’t know about you guys but I am super intrigued by anything that say’s treasures of the seas. I just fully appreciate a site that offers such a range of products for any person to enjoy. Whether it be male or female you can have fun. I think when it comes to this holiday season you gotta realize it shouldn’t take a holiday for you to profess your love for whoever or whatever. I am taking the time out to love ME and I think that’s a helluva lot more important before I start worrying about who is my Valentine. I will just treat myself to a little somethin’ somethin’ instead. Remember to ALWAYS treat yo self.

I wanna know what’s your fa fa fantasyyy

Hey Guys! I’m a little late on this and I am super sorry! Edenfantasys is having a sale right now and it’s really awesome! The only thing is some of the coupons expire kinda quickly. This Labor Day there are lots of sales so that’s why they end so soon.
Here are the following promotions going on;

Use promo code HOLIDAY12 to save 20% on your order (no conditions/restrictions, good on any order until September 7th, 2012)
Save 25% on all lingerie (expires September 7th, 2012)
Labor Day Clearance – save up to 70% on selected products
Save 35% on selected LELO products

All of those are links to the exact pages where the sales are going on. I am still super torn about the costumes. I really wanted to be the sailor girl I posted in my last post about EdenFantasys but then I peeped the Robyn Da Hood Costume. It looks less revealing so I was thinking of getting that. Right now it’s part of the sale so I’m seriously contemplating the purchase. The only thing is I don’t know what my comfort level will be in less than two months time to wear ANYTHING like that. I had this whole idea to be a cute red riding hood chick. There is this great plus size corset That I can wear whatever bottoms I want and of course the riding hood. That way I’ll be properly covered up but still cute. We shall see. There are so many plus size options that I’m SURE I’ll find something. I plan on working out very hard because my New Orleans/Vegas trip is in November the week after Halloween. I should just take advantage of the sales right now but the problem with buying things in a certain size I may be a lot smaller come the time I have to wear it. I rather things be bigger than smaller, of course, but it’s still a drag. I just really wanted to share with you guys the promo codes available if you wanted to shop around and buy things. I of course wanted to share the lingerie deal because that is awesome. Especially, being plus size, I know how hard to is to find something cute. Happy Shopping!

It’s just a matter of time til we’re all found out

Okay guys as much as I hate to admit it summer is coming to an end. Summer is closing and fall is a comin’! Realizing this I have been thinking about one of my favorite holidays; HALLOWEEN. As some of you may know I write about Edenfantasys sometimes and talk about what they offer. Edenfantasy’s is an website full of all kinds of goodies for us older than 18 πŸ™‚ While you guys might be into the whole buying OTHER things I’m not advertising anything of the like on here. I will say they have an extensive line of plus size lingerie and costume wear. While I may have lost 133 pounds (I weighed myself the other day! Down officially 133!) I am still plus size. EdenFantasys offers a wide range of plus size costumes. Some are WAY to risque for a girl like me, but they do have a variety. So far I have my eye on this little number.

Now mind you ALL I would definitely have to figure out a way to cover them tatas up. I would probably wear navy leggings as well as to not be TOO revealing. They have tons of costumes right now and it totally doesn’t hurt to look. I know some of my loca friends would totally be buying some costumes for BEFORE and AFTER halloween if you know what I’m sayin’!
If I were to go with anything it would probably be one of the school girl costumes. They look a little less revealing. We’ll see. It’s just fun to think about. Something to look forward to for the fall when the cold months start coming. I did really wanna be a sailor girl though. Ever since Dance Central. I think I’m going to try some of EdenFantasys bath and beauty line soon and let you know what I think about it! Until next time everyone.

EdenFantasys *review*

Eden Cafe

I wanted to be truthful about my experience with EdenFantasys. While they have tons of options for plus size options for Lingerie the one I chose was not the best. I bought this little number right here:

I bought it at 3x and planned to fit it into a Halloween costume to be a cute witch or something. The problem was the bra. The bra cups are completely too big. I may be a 3x but I really wish they sized the bra as well because my 3 x body has a C cup. Those cups were for a D or DD. So I was frustrated about that. The other frustration was that I felt it wasn’t a true corset for what it costs. The item costs 49.99 and while it looks pretty, I expected it to be the type of corset that sucks you in and puts your boobs up. So that’s probably a my bad on my part. I think the next product I try from them will be some stockings. They have gorgeous stockings and I want to start wearing some dresses every now and then. We’ll see. I will say that their shipping was super quick and discreet. Not that it bothers me that people know I bought lingerie but they do sell sex toys on their site so I understand discretion in that sense. It was just a plain brown box with no give a way where it came from. I think while I keep losing weight the corset will fit better so I’m not going to give it away/sell it on ebay yet. Oh, I forgot to add, it brought a thong and that thong would never in a million years fit a 3x female. I don’t rock thongs ANYWAY but if someone had bought the product and expected it to fit their ass they would not be pleased. I think the thong would fit more of a XL or even an L. So that was the full experience. I am not writing off the site all together for future purchases of lingerie or anything like that but this product in particular I would never recommend.

EdenFantasys say what, what ?

Read the disclaimer first:Disclaimer:

Eden Cafe
So let’s talk about EdenFantasys. Now, I know what you’re thinking. Krystal is all about the naughty website? She’s on the low with sex toys?

It’s not always about that and that’s what I want to introduce to my readers who are curious about what this EdenFantasys website people sometimes blog about. From a girl like me’s point of view. MMkay?
First off it isn’t all about the naughty adult toys. Sure, there is a great deal about the toys for the ladies and even toys for da boys but there are also lingerie, candles, and costumes!
That’s what really sparked my interest for this site. Being plus size its hard as HELL to find a costume. Seriously. RIDICULOUSLY HARD. Lingerie for the plus size woman isn’t easy either. So I took note of this while I browsed the website. They have a lot to offer to the plus size woman. Very skimpy stuff for the daring ladies too, if you’re into that. The sizes for the costumes and lingerie go up to a 4x. Currently, I am not sure of my size. I was pushing a 4x so I may try the 3 for some costumes or the stockings. I was super excited to see those cute stockings with the garter belts. I’m not necessarily going to rock all that for halloween but who says all the skinny women can have all the fun? No offense flaca chicas by any means, i’m just saying. Yes, I said just saying. If I can get my legs right by Halloween I may rock the school girl costume with DARK tights. (it is October!)
I just wanted to put it out there that EdenFantasys isn’t all about the toys. Sure it’s a sex shop website to help your boudoir/love life. We’re adults. What’s so bad about that? Their shipping is discreet too so if this post isn’t aspiring you to get a candle you can certainly get a little somethin’ somethin’ for your naughty drawer without it being plastered all over your box. Just wanted to share a little about the website. It a couple of weeks i’ll let you guys know how the costume I plan on purchasing comes out. Full size description and everything : )