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Exciting news: I have an interview for a job at my local Sephora! It’d probably just be for the holiday season but I really wanted to get a second job this winter to pay off debts and focus on saving. This would be a dream because I’d be able to do a lot of my holiday shopping there for a good discount. The not so exciting news is I will be getting half an occurrence for leaving early for my interview because the day is blocked off because another plan is being implemented this month. It pisses me off because I would only be using an hour and a half of vacation time to do this interview. I have been doing overtime these past two weeks to help this new plan. They could spare a broad for an hour an a half. Hell, I’d even come back after the interview and stay til seven to make up the time! So annoying!
While I like my job and am thankful of it I need to be more mindful of my food intake while on the job. I do a lot of desk eating which is really not healthy. I’m not stuffing my face by any means but I am not enjoying my foods like I should. I end up eating probably an extra 200 calories because of the mindless eating. I need to nip that in the bud before it becomes a full on habit. I really hope I get this job at Sephora so I can keep busy. I am not a stranger to working two jobs. At one point I was working three jobs and going to school part-time. Not that I want to kill myself with all these hours but I really do need to start chopping away at this debt while I can. There is no reason for me to let it sit there accruing interest. I just wish I could magically fall into like 10 grand so I could pay off my debts and then put a down payment on a car. Nothing fancy. But no I’ll do what I do best and work for my money and get this shit started. Faze two of operation awesome Krystal. Being financially stable. Operation get healthy Krystal is still on full force but the exercise part is eh for the moment. I don’t want to be on the eh side. My knee is killing me for some reason. It’s swollen at the knee and thigh. I have been doing a lot of dancing with Dance Central 2. I am still big so maybe its just too much? I did the elliptical for 12 minutes last night and I was trying to push for 20 but my knee just wouldn’t let me. I know I need to see an ortho doctor but I am sure he’s just going to be like you need to lose more weight. I’m aware, sir. It could also be poor support in my shoes. I wear a lot of flats and when I do the dancing game I tend to be barefoot and our floor is tile so there is that possibility. It was a lot better today it was super throbby at Jenn’s daughter’s birthday party but I had a great time with her and Amanda

this photograph is proof

I really had a great time. Those girls are awesome.
So let’s hope my knee gets better and I find some good insoles quick. I may just have to shell out for those forty dollar ones they sell at wal-mart that are specific to my feet and I can get back to exercising forrealsies.

afraid of the tongues that lash the truth// fear is so unbecoming

so guys I thought I’d lighten up. I have been content heavy with my opinions so I’ll lighten up. First look how rad I looked for halloween:

I was Katy Perry/ Punk rock princess. I had leggings with a black sweater dress and a hot pink shirt as well has a crown topped off with hot pink and white chucks.
But those extensions that i cut out of a wig was the best part and now I must have them forrealsies in my hair. But my dark hair is not nice to bleach products so we’ll see.
I totally punked out on the 30 day blog challenge. I was six days shy. Cop out to have a re-do tomorrow? Like start again on day 24?
Ah another note I have these silly crushes on two boys… I feel 13 again I swear. It’s childish to have these interests when they’ll go nowhere but a girl has to have something to dream to. I have been making headway on this other story I have been writing. I am hung up on the part to add the sex scene or not. I mean I want them to have said sex but since I have never had sex I feel like a phony writing about it. Sex is such a powerful and awesome thing in many shapes and forms and I feel its important for two people who are in a relationship to consummate that love so I want it in the book. Should I do a fade to black? We’ll see. I am skipping it for now but right now the story is at a lull. I am in a lull. Well, not exactly I have a great job and great friends and I did lose 2.8 pounds last week but damn I need to make that appointment for the lap band surgeon consultation. I need to get started. I was putting it off due to not having a lot of sick time because of my wisdom teeth thing but I am ready to start making those steps. It’s important to me. So, until later ladies and gents… I am going to play virtual families and then go see jack ass 3d!

Such a sucker for a blue eyed FUCKER

So tomorrow is valentine’s day.. YAY? Well, for single ladies like me it’s just another day to remind us how extra alone we are. This year I said FUCK it. I am alone and who’s with me? So I’m grabbing my single bitches and we’re gonna have a few cocktails and toast singledom. RAHH LOL.

So, I’ve been peeping the dudes that shop at pathmark and they’re some hotties up in that piece. Seriously. HOTTIES. It’s right by the University of Delaware so they’re usually snotty mcsnotties or dumby mcdumby frat boys so I have zero chances with them fellas but I can look can’t I? DAMN STRAIGHT! Sigh… I love blue eyes. Damn near every guy I have fallen head over heals with has had blue eyes. I am in need of some affection damnit! Where are the single men out? Chubby chasers? We big bitches try harder lol! Here is my vlog from last night
love ya guys

not exactly FETCH


me in high school in my wrecked car before the wreck obvs. psh barely had a double chin then && i thought i was BIG then!

Hmm. This is going to be a very personal blog… maybe one I shouldn’t post but I don’t keep a diary and this is kinda like that. Except people read it. I mean its not gonna be LIKE THAT. I really don’t have awesome secrets like that but I just wanna put this out there because I’ve been thinking about it all day….

I’ve only kissed one guy sober. Maybe three others NOT. But the one sober guy? He was my only love. I admit this now when I neve

r do. It was soo high school. Soo tragic. Soo lame. He never wanted me. We<i> were</i> friends. It’s all kindsa complicated I’m sumamrize it this way. I wanted him like a fat kid wants cake and he just wanted to be friends but he went along with shit SOMETIMES.  Feel meh? But the way I loved him was I’d do anything for him. I’d love him so much I’d hate him for not wanting me in that way. I never understood that sometimes you just don’t like people like that. No matter <b>what</b>. Especially in high school when things are about status  && looks. He’ll never admit that this affected his decisions on dating me but I have come to this conclusion.  Why kiss me when no one was looking then? Why kiss me at all if you didn’t want to? I admit.. the first time it happened, my first kiss, I ASKED him to. But he could’ve said no, right?  I don’t know why I am thinking of this person right now. I havent seen him in well over a year. He’s in a commited relationship and I don’t think I really remember what he looks like.  But i remember how he  tastes. The thrill in my stomach when i think of him. I want something else to take this place of that  feeling. I worry this feeling is what has caused me to over eat sooo much this year. To know i truly lost him. We’re not even friends anymore and we were really really good friends. I wish there was someone else out there for me. I wish someone wanted to touch me NOW… even if it is when no one is looking. Isn’t that sad?? But anyway. I am just saying I’m 22 now. I met him when i was sixteen. Shouldn’t I be over this now? Or is this all only because I havent found anyone else to fill in the hole in my heart?