Weight Watchers monday… on tuesday

So. yeah. 5.2 bitches!! Sure I got a long way to go but what a fabu start, right? That’s with going to don pablos and eating tacos too ya’ll. EPIC! Now I know after my first three weeks on this thing 5 pounds a week is going to be damn near impossible. a pound or two is the norm. I have been working my fat ass off hxc (hardcore) four days a week. I do mostly cardio and stomach stuff. I just hope I can continue with the positivity. My challenge coming up is my meeting with my lawyer. I have to tell my side of the story about an accident I was involved in november of 07. Yeah damn near three years later and the bitch is suing me. I can’t get into the deets per say because I don’t want it to go against me but I am going to say that it sucks balls and It going to be a challenge not to eat an entire bag of doritos after it. Oh yes, ladies and gents, I eat my feelings. So I have to find another outlet to express my sadness. im going to another ww meeting today with my friend shay because she rocks and shes doing it with me so I’m going there for support . So if you guys have any good low cal chicken recipes that’d be awesome leave me a comment with em because i looove chicken and thats what i mainly make for dinner an di am running outta ideas how to prepare it.

some girls are bigger than others- the smiths

PSH thats how i’m feeling right now. I was just reminded this morning how people can be extra fucked up when they wanna be. People who parade as nice. People who parade as a friend or an aquaintance.

“I like starring at chubby chicks when they walk by so they think they have a chance.”

Thats what someone I went to high school with, someone I considered to be cool with, posted on twitter. Pretty fucking mean, yes? It’s just once again I am proven that people consider bigger people a joke. Second class citizens. Something for their entertainment. I don’t want to be anyones joke. Shits hard enough. GODDAMNIT I’m trying too. I have gone to the gym every other day for the past week working


. I want to be able to say “free for all fuck em all” when I look good. Why are people so cruel? This is why I can never date a guy in my current condition I assume if they’re hitting on me its a joke. It’s outta pity. So did Swordsman ever really want me or did he think a fat bitch would be easier to bang? Thats what I assume, ya’ll. If they’re interested its a joke. I wish So many things. I wish I didn’t let myself get here. I wish I didn’t give a fuck what people say but really who would I be if I wasn’t that girl? I am waiting for my pants to dry then I am off to the gym. I am happy I am single and I am happy I’m alone so I don’t have to second guess my shit. I guess all in all I’m hurt but am I really all that surprised. I am a certified fat chick after all and being certified you’re classified and in everyone’s heads they see you that way. Whether they encourage you to better yourself or make you feel like shit one way another I know what && I am. I just don’t want to be spit upon in public by someone staring at me to make me think I have a chance. Thanks, sir, I know the truth now. I’ve known it before but now you’ve sealed the deal.