Recently I have began signing up for advertisers and payperpost.com. I am totally new at this so I will only say I don’t have much say so on what they advertise. If I am doing a review or posting a link of my post I should say so but I am not sure how it is working out just yet. So watch out for that. I am also a part of the EdenFantasys ambassador program so watch out for posts like that. Yes, Edenfantasys is a sextoy website among other things.

My site is not rated G for those of you younger then 17 reading this site. I curse frequently and will most likely talk about sex candidly. Sex I am not having but it may be mentioned anyway. I just want this to be CLEAR so young kids won’t get offended. This is my personal blog and most of the content is mine. Written anyway. The layout or theme is generated by wordpress. I HAVE ZERO HTML SKILLS SO DONT ASSUME ITS ME. I WILL GIVE CREDIT WHEN CREDIT IS DUE!. The quotes, if I use one, are usually by bands. Each band’s quote I use will be mentioned in the tags. If I wrote it or made it up it shouldn’t be tagged with a bands name. I am not always grammatically correct. I try to be with commas, semi colons, and colons but I know I don’t use them correctly half the time. My apologies- I’m going to back to school soon to brush up on my English skills!
I am honest. SO HONEST it may make you cringe so watch out for that. I personally think its kinda refreshing because with out honesty in losing weight you will fail.
p.s. i was stupid and put disclosure before… haha wow!
due to a recent comment I guess I should clarify myself… and this blog. My thoughts are not to upset or make people become totally unconfortable. Yes, I can be a bit of a Luna Lovegood when it comes to my obvious insecurities but when I say most big/fat people I mean the most I know especially including myself because thisis kinda my public diary. I know there are different and secure and perfectly happy healthy big fat people half the time I am talking about the miserable ones like me. I am a bit cynical because of the shoes I have walked in but… I guess I should say if I offend you or make you uncomfortable it is not my intention nor is it to offend the happy cfc and cfd(certified fat dudes) so if you feel strongly about my blog and is offensiveness I must suggest not reading it because the last thing I want is to impose my negativity unto you .

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