keep your head up

I make mistakes all the fricking time. With each error I learn something. Sometimes I repeat said mistake because it’ll make me feel better for five minutes. I am bad texter of men not deserving of my time. I aquire men who lie, cheat, and become scarily obsessed. I cannot, for the life of me, find a happy medium. I k ow it is because I dont necessarily know what the hell I wany either. It is quite annoying to be me sometimes. I have the ability. To rain affection on those who truly need it. I truly need it though. It is very hard for me to go long periods of time without kisses and hugs. It has becomr increasingly difficult to do without something else now that I have finally gotten it. It isnt alays a direct correlation to a self esteem issue.
Today it is though. Today I dont feel good enough. Just because he didnt text me back? Dangerous territory for a girl who is trying to keep this shit casual. It is common decency though. Answer me bitch and you will get what you want. Unless you’ve chanhed your mind? What I need to do is consune more Nyquil and sleep this day away because I am sick ans the weather is shit. I feel like shit inside and out.


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