An End has a start

Wanna hear some shit? I was assaulted and robbed in Vegas. The day before I got paid so it was the day before I actually got to do shit like go see the Grand Canyon and rock my leopard dress and go clubbing. Homeboy got shit but my camera (and awesome pictures), a cell phone with me singing all over it, and a bunch of quarters. Oh, and my debit and license. I cancelled the phone and card immediately before they used it. The cops never caught the bastards but I am trying my best to put it behind me. Just know Vegas is a shit show. It is a dangerous place for two women alone. I don’t want to go into all the details just know Vegas was not my fave vacation. I was happy that my best friend was there to share the shit show and she had my back. Her mom is pretty much the most amazing person ever and helped us out too. 

The way my vacation broke down was three days in New Orleans then four in Vegas. New Orleans was amazing even though I went there and saw the Eagles lose. I love my Eagles and it was epic to be around so many fans that traveled all the way to NOLA for the game. It was fucking epic to be a part of the Green Legion.  I can’t wait to do it again. Short blog. I have had other shit going on that I just don’t wish to share to the world wide web. My heads a mess but it’s getting better. Tonight I’m stressing about something that probably isn’t going to happen. So there’s that. Until later.. 


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