uh oh getting religious…not really.

This post is written entirely in my opinion. My thoughts only. Not meant to offend anyone.

Forgive me for i am a sinner. I dont like talking about religion when it pertains to me. I was born and baptizied as Catholic then brought up as a Jehovah Witness. For me religion was oppressive. For others, i know, it can be a beautiful thing. A life changing and saving thing. I didnt feel like i belonged when i was i the Kingdom Hall (a meeting ground, similar to church, with no idolatry.) A lot of people,in my opinion, seemed saccharine and false. They would be in your business like it was THEIR business. We have left the KH for about 8 years now and they STILL knock up at our house to pester us. The reason why I left ( i cant speak for my mother) is i cannot be a part of something i dont whole heartedly believe in. They condemn homosexuality. Nevermind the fact that i have a tattoo, curse like a sailor, believe in blood transfusions, pro choice, and dont see anything wrong with premarital sex. People are born who they are. To condemn them for loving the gender they love seems pretty damn unforgiving for a religion who believes God is all forgiving. I wish i could find comfort believing, with whole heart, that there is a God and a Jesus. It is hard for me to wrap around. Maybe because i am so corrupted. I believe life is one huge miracle. I believe everyday something can astound and make me believe in humanity again. I DO believe there is something out there. I just cant define it. I am okay with that for now. When it comes down to me having kids where will I go with religion? Some parents believe there has to be some kind of religion in place for kids to “act right.” I find that utterly ridiculous. I really do. Does following communion, getting baptizied, and going to Sunday school really stop people from being bad people? Pretty sure people kill in the name of religion every fucking day. I sure came off preachy for a post about a girl saying she doesnt like religion. Maybe some day my opinions will change on organized religion. Right now it isnt feasible for me.


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