everything looks perfect from far away, “come down now”, but we’ll stay

I love heights. I love the feeling of being on the edge and you can possibly fall.
that’s what falling in love probably feels like.
I am on this crazy ride right now. feeling like everything is possible because I’ve got no real ties. Very few people have the oppurtunity to act on whim. Goddamn I am whimsical as fuck. I have a 6 month plan. After this trip I am going to save my ASS off. Christmas is gonna be light this year. I am going to make a big move. I plan on having a real savings account and I am gonna see if I can tranfer jobs to Nashville. I am sick of this same. Same drama. Same dudes. Same bull shit. Sick of it. I once wanted to runaway because of my problems but its not like I am having a legitimate problem. I am just sick of this SAME. If I have an oppurtunity to change I am going to take it. So. I know there’s a sephora in Nashville already. I know that sephora is my favorite job in the whole wide world. If I can somehow figure out a way to make that my full time job I am going. consider me gone. Maybe I shouldn’t blog about it but that’s my plan.


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