never let your fear decide your fate

Humans. We are so fallible. I no longer have expectations; people will most likely fail you. That’s ok. I fail people often. I am not readily available and I sure as hell am not living up to anything amazing. I am still trying to figure myself out. Ideally, I’d become this well travelled woman. A mug or shot glass from every place i’ve been to. I want an RV and a prius! I wanna drive everywhere. Drive to the West coast, drive to Niagra Falls, head on to Chi-town. I have no intention of settling down but I feel tied to this idea that i’m supposed to want that. Sure, I want someone to share these adventures with but if it ends up being just me and one of my best friends I don’t see a problem with that. Men keep failing me so I no longer depend on them (not that I ever really did.) I mandate my happiness. I am the driver in this screw everyone else.


2 thoughts on “never let your fear decide your fate

  1. I feel you on that one…All people are fickle sometimes. I learned to put my faith in myself and in no one other then that. Traveling the world can be fun with or witout friends. I recently drove to Iowa all alone. It was a eye opener to who I am and the fact that I can do things all alone. As long as your in the driver seat of your life you will be fine.

    • I am dying to go on a solo road trip. I think as soon as I can I am going to drive to Tennessee to see my best friend. You’re absolutely right.

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