Fills my head up and gets louder && LOUDER

I cannot wait for tomorrow. I am seeing Florence and the Machine IN PERSON. This is an epic thing for me because,in case you haven’t noticed, I relate to her lyrics like a psychopath.
If I could somehow sing with her conviction and prowess I would be… perfect. Ugh. Music and I. We have such a fiercely bonded relationship. Who needs boys when you have the machine banging in your ears?
It’s going to be different for me because I am going to this concert totally alone. The tickets for general admission were 90 bucks so I only bought one. I refuse to be anywhere else for this concert.
I’m kinda weird anyway. I love going to movies alone. Last time I went with anyone, but my mom, the kid turned out to be such a scrub it was sickening. He was the guy I talked about before sucking at life, basically. Since I have a strong relationship with film and music why not experience music alone too? I sometimes end up losing everyone at concerts/festivals anyway so it’s not really a bid deal. I have seen Red Hot Chilli Peppers and FLogging Molly totally alone. Still enjoyed the shit out of myself. What else about me is I am a very social person. I can start a convo with almost anyone. These people are all gonna be Florence fans? Yeah.Guarantee you I’ll meet a fellow passionate fan that I’ll become friends with. You meet the best people at concerts/festivals.
Just yesterday, while I was hanging out at Barnes and Nobles, I had a great convo with a girl who was at the Firefly Musical festival. and we bonded and talked for twenty minutes about it’s awesomeness. I’m just so excited!!! The only way this week would be perfect if I could somehow magically procure Ed Sheeran tickets for Sunday because he is a red head who can sing and I want to marry him.


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