I wanna know what’s your fa fa fantasyyy

Hey Guys! I’m a little late on this and I am super sorry! Edenfantasys is having a sale right now and it’s really awesome! The only thing is some of the coupons expire kinda quickly. This Labor Day there are lots of sales so that’s why they end so soon.
Here are the following promotions going on;

Use promo code HOLIDAY12 to save 20% on your order (no conditions/restrictions, good on any order until September 7th, 2012)
Save 25% on all lingerie (expires September 7th, 2012)
Labor Day Clearance – save up to 70% on selected products
Save 35% on selected LELO products

All of those are links to the exact pages where the sales are going on. I am still super torn about the costumes. I really wanted to be the sailor girl I posted in my last post about EdenFantasys but then I peeped the Robyn Da Hood Costume. It looks less revealing so I was thinking of getting that. Right now it’s part of the sale so I’m seriously contemplating the purchase. The only thing is I don’t know what my comfort level will be in less than two months time to wear ANYTHING like that. I had this whole idea to be a cute red riding hood chick. There is this great plus size corset That I can wear whatever bottoms I want and of course the riding hood. That way I’ll be properly covered up but still cute. We shall see. There are so many plus size options that I’m SURE I’ll find something. I plan on working out very hard because my New Orleans/Vegas trip is in November the week after Halloween. I should just take advantage of the sales right now but the problem with buying things in a certain size I may be a lot smaller come the time I have to wear it. I rather things be bigger than smaller, of course, but it’s still a drag. I just really wanted to share with you guys the promo codes available if you wanted to shop around and buy things. I of course wanted to share the lingerie deal because that is awesome. Especially, being plus size, I know how hard to is to find something cute. Happy Shopping!


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