Awards Galore Part deux

Okay I forgot one crucial award.

The Guy who needs his hand held the entire fucking time award

This guy. whoo. This guy. You really like him. You like him a lot. You drop NOT SUBTLE hints that you’re into him. Like so like dude. ASK ME DA FUCK OUT kinda hints. He seems super into you but after years and years of rejection you’re totally hesitant. YOU ask for his number. YOU ask to hang out. YOU YOU YOU. After said hang out there is no follow through from guy and he gets mad at YOU. Like it’s all your fault. Dude I kissed you can’t you call me after instead of getting mad at me for not calling? Jesus, what in the hell is wrong with this picture? Said guy is always older than you so you think they’ll be all mature and shit but instead they’re completely oblivious so you lose interest. Girls don’t like to baby sit their man. We don’t. We may be mothers some day. We’ll deal with kids at that appointed time.


2 thoughts on “Awards Galore Part deux

  1. I totally agree with you! Honestly, age doesn’t have anything to do with maturity. I’m only 21 and I’m known to be more mature and responsible than some 30 year olds. It’s crazy how things work. Hopefully your love life will be filled with joy soon! ❤

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