i swear that you could hear it….it makes such an all mighty sound

I am very diverse in my musical tastes. I have 600 albums, 19 playlists, 2489 tracks in my spotify library. I know some people are like MEH that is nothing. Can we please talk about how I go from a classical version of Stairway to Heaven to Philly, Philly, from Eve’s album. But Philly, Philly is a given.
I am just really more into the whole alternative/pop/rock/indie scene. My entire family is straight up pop hip hop/rap. I can’t just have one musical preference. I went through this faze of being REALLY into Robin Thicke’s baby making music. Now I find baby making music cheesy.
I’m hoping I can score some free tickets to this Virgin music fest but the “pre sale” was already sold out in 15 minutes so my hopes may be dashed. I love music so much. I love going to concerts more than anything. I am seeing one of my musical idols in less than a month, Florence Welch. I LOVE Florence and the Machine. So much. You all should know that. The drumming song? I can’t listen to it one time in a row.
The drum’s still beating loud and clear.


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