sometimes the truth won’t make you happy. So I’m not gonna lie

I want to be engulfed in flames sometimes. Let the heat lick my body and melt away all the wrong I’ve done to it. Make me new again. Like a phoenix. I desire rebirth. An apocalyptic moment to reset me. I need resetting. Maybe not a hard rest. Maybe just a soft one.
I live every day impatiently. Time is sped up as we work full time jobs and worry. Oh, how we worry.

why can’t I just BE? Why do I always think of agendas and possible futures? Why am I always involving myself? ME ME ME. I worry about MY freedom. I worry about MY happiness. I worry so much because I don’t feel like anyone worries for me. I don’t think any one really listens when I say I want this or want that. That’s okay though. They’re not SUPPOSED TO. You are. As a person you are supposed to look out for yourself. That’s okay. It’s okay to really embrace your solidarity to make room for anyone else that belongs in your circle.


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