You write such pretty words but life’s no storybook.

Is there a way to actually meet a nice dude in a bar? Is that a real thing? If you have met the love of your life in a bar please let me know because I am pretty sure its impossible. Way too many dudes just trying to get ass. Way too many. I’m tired of being disrespected because of my size. Dudes think that I am easy like I’m this super desperate fat chick. Literally. This dude,once, talked to his friend about me and said that. Sir, calm down. I won’t be this size forever man.
That’s my main gripe today. The lack of ways to meet guys. Like it’s really hard to organically meet a nice guy. I want that coffee shop/bookstore meet cute. I want that so bad. I just have to write it out instead. Maybe following The Secret sans vision board that shit will happen. Now this is total Krystal land fantasy. Okay? I know this is never, ever gonna happen. Let me enjoy myself for five seconds:

” Venti iced caramel macchiatio please, extra drizzle,” I order while looking at the menu, even though I know EXACTLY what I want.
“4.25,” the cashier says with her high pony tail bopping. I hand her my debit card without even thinking about how I just spent five bucks on a fucking cup of coffee.
I head down to the end of the counter and fiddle with my phone waiting for my drink to be called. I’m aware of a presence near me and I look up alarmed. I see a nice looking guy with dark, strawberry blond hair and a nice amount of stubble. He gives me a nice smile and I return the gesture hoping I don’t look like a clown.
“Ventiicedcaramelmacchiatoextradrizzle?” the girl says super fast. I grab the drink and say thanks.
“Extra drizzle?” The red haired man asks.
“Yup, it’s never caramel enough,” I reply with a shrug.
“I respect that,” He says with a wry grin.
I smile and head over to grab a straw.
“Venticaramelfrappachino?” I hear as I open the straw. I see cute ginger grab the cup and I notice his T Shirt reads The Black Keys. Feeling brazen I decide I HAVE to speak to this person.
“Girlie drink, sir,” I say gesturing to his cup. He gives me a hearty laugh. Sense of humor. CHECK.
“Macchiatos aren’t caramel enough for me.”
“Touche,” I reply with a grin.
“I just saw the black keys at firefly. One of the best sets I have ever seen live,” I said pointing to his shirt. I was trying to show how well I point.
“Oh man I know. I was there. It was amazing.”
“Wasn’t firefly awesome? I am definitely going next year.”
“Me too, there is no way in hell i’d miss it.” His eyes were a warm brown and I was drawn in.
“I’m Krystal, ” I say giving him my hand.

There it is. My perfect meet cute. Stfu. I know you’re laughing at my preposterous dreamy soul or thinking this girl has zero sense of reality. Let me tell you. I am well aware of my reality. I may be a little too negative when it comes to parts of my reality. I think I am done looking. I think. I say that but I am still a boy crazy dumb bitty. I just feel like i’ve been looking good lately and my confidence is showing a lot more. I thought this would get easier but its just been a mess.


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