It’s just a matter of time til we’re all found out

Okay guys as much as I hate to admit it summer is coming to an end. Summer is closing and fall is a comin’! Realizing this I have been thinking about one of my favorite holidays; HALLOWEEN. As some of you may know I write about Edenfantasys sometimes and talk about what they offer. Edenfantasy’s is an website full of all kinds of goodies for us older than 18 🙂 While you guys might be into the whole buying OTHER things I’m not advertising anything of the like on here. I will say they have an extensive line of plus size lingerie and costume wear. While I may have lost 133 pounds (I weighed myself the other day! Down officially 133!) I am still plus size. EdenFantasys offers a wide range of plus size costumes. Some are WAY to risque for a girl like me, but they do have a variety. So far I have my eye on this little number.

Now mind you ALL I would definitely have to figure out a way to cover them tatas up. I would probably wear navy leggings as well as to not be TOO revealing. They have tons of costumes right now and it totally doesn’t hurt to look. I know some of my loca friends would totally be buying some costumes for BEFORE and AFTER halloween if you know what I’m sayin’!
If I were to go with anything it would probably be one of the school girl costumes. They look a little less revealing. We’ll see. It’s just fun to think about. Something to look forward to for the fall when the cold months start coming. I did really wanna be a sailor girl though. Ever since Dance Central. I think I’m going to try some of EdenFantasys bath and beauty line soon and let you know what I think about it! Until next time everyone.


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