that bridge is on fire back to where i’ve been i’m froze by desire

I want to conquer.
I want to become a phoenix and come up from the ashes of my crazy and show them.
I want to be better.
I want to be the definition of better.
I want the world to see that my mind never stays idle for long and the thoughts are worthy.
I want to show everone i am worthy.
I want the realization to kick in for the ones who discarded me.
I want them to LONG.
I want to be more Zen.
I want to feel less anger.

I want to put more stock in karma.
I want my weirdness to be embraced.
I want my honesty to make people listen; not run.
I want people to take pause and think.
I want to be noticed for all the right reasons.
I want to be well traveled.
I want to raise questions.
I want to be held and not out of pity.
I want people to notice my heart, my soul and not be disgusted.
I want,sincerely, to not give a SHIT what people think about me.
I want to stop being contradictory.
I want things to be great for all that I care about.
I want the nonsense of the world to make sense to me.
I want to go back to school.
I want to be a force to be reckoned with.
I want to light up like a Christmas tree.
I want to be known for my smiles and not my tears.

I want to be more visceral.

I want to always take my chances.

I want respect.

I want the best for others

I want more memories.

I  want to never run out of love to give.

I want to leave the past behind, but still learn from it.

I want to be risky.

I want to be the half cocked smile on all your faces

I want to stop wallowing in doubt.

I want to stop wallowing PERIOD.

I want to make out with the sunrise and never look back




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