Let’s get down to business

to defeat the huns…
Okay, okay. Let me stop. I just mever know what to call the posts I do for EdenFantasys.com I know I’m damn near 25 years old, but writing about an adult website can be risky. I mean hello! The sell sex toys! If you’ve seen any of my other posts before you know they offer much more than toys. I had bought a candle not that long ago and it smells amazing. It’s the champagne rain kind and oh em gee it’s awesome. It’s a little weird since its not solid it is made of little beads but when it melts it solidifies. I am surprised by how long it is lasting. It’s lasted since my last EdenFantasys post. That’s been since last November and I light the candle once a week for at least a half hour. I am impressed. It says it releases pheromones but I can’t tell. Maybe because I’m super single? But I digress. I just wanted to throw it out there that EdenFantasys is offering 20% off on all orders with coupon code XOXO. Pretty awesome, right? That way you can try some of the great things
they offer!

Sex toys - EdenFantasys adult toys store


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