I’m headed to the dirty dirtyyy

Just kidding. I am headed to Nashville to visit some of my closest pals. It’s surreal that in 12 hours i’ll be on a plane meeting one of my best friends, Leslie, in person. We’ve known each other through blogging for two years now and we literally talk every day. I am so excited i can’t sleep. Sure, a midnight trip to the gym and late night packing doesn’t help. I’m very nervous for the plane ride. While I may have lost close to 100 pounds it still freaks me out. I am still obese. The airplane seats are a bit unforgiving. We shall see! I’m going to watch some TV and hopefully pass out soon.


2 thoughts on “I’m headed to the dirty dirtyyy

  1. It depends on the airline. Frontier has some really nice planes with seats that are pretty big. 🙂 That’s what I flew last August and only on the plane home did I need a seat belt extender (because it was an older plane). 🙂

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