You want a revelation some kind of resolution


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Don’t mind me. I have all these features in my blog and I sure as hell don’t know how to use them so I just click things.

I hate rainy days. I hate em. Today I had to walk to work due to issues with our car so I walked in the pouring rain. BLOWS. It’s cool though it was a twenty minute walk and I kept saying in my head what a “soldier” I was. I am big on making sure I know I’m a “soldier.”
I don’t want to be a weakling. I want to push myself to be a better woman. It’s just slowing down now so I have to push myself. I want to prove to myself that inside me there is a woman to be admired. I want to be admriable.
Sigh, I just can’t wait to go to Tennessee! Just thirteen days until I see some of my closest friends Leslie,Kelley, Dana and Nick.
I can’t wait. I’m still nervous about the whole plane situation so I’m working even harder to lose weight. I went to the gym for an hour and fifteen minutes last night. I pushed myself to burn over 564 calories on the elliptical and before that I burned 220 calories on this gazelle stepper thing. Then I did 2 sets of 15 ab crunch things. I am really trying to get it together because I just look funny. Like a bell. I look like a friggin’ bell. My legs and chest/collar keeps getting smaller but my belly is staying stagnate. I am totally getting plastic surgery when I’m smaller. I will tell them to do the works! It’s bad enough I hated my body before my weight loss but to hate my body after because of saggy skin it’s just ew! That’s another reason why i’m going so hard exercising. I’m trying to prevent that as much as possible. That plus cocoa butter. I’m going to try and do Zumba for the kinect tonight instead of the gym since i’m going back to my 8:30 to 5 shift tomorrow and I want to be in bed by midnight.

I want to push myself to lose 15 pounds in the next 13 days. I did very well today fitting more protein by spiking my mashed potatoes with whey protein and eating chicken.

I just don’t want to disappoint myself. I am my worst critic. Now that I am going back to my regular schedule I can get back to my routine.

I’ll leave you with my latest cover of a song
and my latest freestyle. Zero make up and rain hair hence the hat


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