I haven’t blogged in quite sometime. I have been working tons and I just never really felt like sitting down and writing a proper blog. I sit in front of the computer at my house and all I want to do is watch TV or movies. I feel inspired to write something down right now because it’s been so long and I need to get some of these thoughts out of my head before I say them out loud to the wrong people. Maybe I should say the right people.
I am trying to become an adult. Not an all business adult, of course, but an adult that pays her bills on time and knows what she wants with her future. I know I still live at home, but as I fix my credit it’s the best thing for me. I also want to add that my mother grew up in a way that the children don’t leave until they’re getting married. I am not sure if it’s because she’s Hispanic but that’s how she was raised. Unfortunately i’m going to be 25 in October. I don’t plan on being anyone’s wifey any time soon. Being perpetually single, one assumes you’re going to be single forever so I’m starting to plan on living my life accordingly. I plan on moving out as soon as my credit is repaired and I own a car. Since I currently have issues with my credit I can’t buy a brand new car so I am going to buy a car out right as soon as my money is right. I’m halfway where I want to be in the savings department for buying a car.
My point in all this is I’m working on growing up. Sure, I’m young, but I definitely want to
start getting my ducks in a row. Just incase I do meet someone worth my while and we want to settle down and have kids at some point. The woman I am right now does not want to have any kids to be responsible for. I’m still shaping myself to be the person I want to be. I am not ready for such an awesome responsibility a shaping a young mind for real life. I haven’t done half the things I want and need to do before I am “settled” down.
On my “adult” journey I’m seeing a lot of so called adults acting like children. Especially in social network websites. Is facebook making us all regress as human beings? I admit that I can have an emo status update just as ridiculous as the next person but that’s something i’m working on. Not every one wants to see my daily freak out. No one needs to see it. It is wonderful to have an outlet to express one self (hello, this blog) but some times the things we share on our statuses are just mean. Really just cruel. I saw a status from a person I have on my facebook today that just wasn’t warranted or necessary. Why spread so much hate on a social networking website? Why not spread positive thoughts before talking shit on people that you do not know? I have been guilty of it before but I am going to stop it. I am not going to spew any more hate or drama on my facebook. I am going to speak to people about my issues in real time (to my non local friends voxer is a beautiful thing). I really just want to scale back on what I make readily available on facebook. I have people judging me on what they seee on there and they don’t even know me! Family that sees me once every 5 years are judging me from snippets of statuses and pictures and running their mouth to my parents like I’m 12 years old again. It’s ridiculous. Adults carrying on like children. I mean we all know face book is a nosy persons dream. The salvitate for gossip that they find out on their facebook food. I am going to make more aspects of my facebook private. I love facebook, don’t get me wrong, because it makes it easy to get in contact with my friends and family all over the world but when youre using the site for spreading negativity instead of good then well damn. I wrote this post in between breaks at work so it may seem out of sorts but I’m just annoyed.
PS the zumba for the kinect is amazing but I like the real thing so much more, I just do it when I can’t make it to real zumba.
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