i’m on the pursuit of happiness

Squats! Oh my lord I love and hate squats. I am so into asses. I love a good ass. I’m an ass woman! I want to have one of those fabulous muscle asses with awesome thighs. So I am doing a squat work out like every day now. With zumba they have various squat workouts they use so I’m trying to copy that. On my own, at home, I am trying to work it out that for at least 10 minutes solid I’m doing squats and then throughout the day I randomly start squatting. Some examples, waiting for food to heat up in the microwave or during commercials. It burns so good. I’m trying very hard to just keep pushing forward with my weightloss. I’m hoping on Monday I can get back to zumba because I missed it this week! My stomachs been pretty okay lately but today its just NOT. I think because I had some peanut butter before I took my prilosec.
I’ve also been uber emotional lately I don’t know why! Katie Dill ( a fabulous local singer around these parts) told me I was beautiful last night (after Amber told her I lost 93 pounds) I kinda got all teary and like cried! I just feel, sometimes, I got so long to go before I can truly FEEL beautiful. Like I know I’m pretty but to feel BEAUTIFUL as a whole… It’s hard sometimes. Especially when I’m just like I still got another 93 pounds and more to go. I am trying to stay positive and smiley it’s just weight, for me, is my struggle. Weight loss is an emotional battle and I have many scars.


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