Are we falling or flying?

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Sometimes. Sometimes you just get the urge to wrap your arms around a warm body. For me there is never anyone there. I wish some people were more thankful for who they have. Who they have to call their own. I hate Valentines Day season. I know it’s a bull shit holiday but when you’re perpetually single it is just another stab in your single heart. I have plenty of shit going for me but I get those sensations where I just want to scream my head off. I internalize a lot yet I internalize nothing. I go out alone a lot. I love going to the movies alone or going to Panera to sip on soup and read a book. I’m good at being alone. Maybe i’ll be good at it for the rest of my life.
Ah pessimism go away!
Is it really because I didn’t get to exercise this week i’m feeling this way? I’m hoping to have my stomach less asshole like on Sunday because I need to Zumba or something. I have been down! I went for a walk today and that was all good and well but it didn’t pump my adrenaline.
On a positive note: work didn’t suck today. I’m hoping it stops sucking for now on. I’ll work hard on not allowing it to.
So, in feeling all emo on shizz I sang one of my fave mumford and sons songs tonight No make up so I look like a zombie and my mouth doesn’t match my face. It’s cool though.


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