Don’t stop color on the walls

My weight loss is slowing down
I knew it would happen and it just sucks that its happening now. Not when I have fun filled trips planned for 2012. I wanna look hot by summer damn it! Roller coasters are haunting my dreams!
I have accomplished a lot but I need to make better food choices.Just because it takes longer to eat something doesn’t it make it good for you. I have to be more conscious about what I’m shoving in my mouth before shit goes down. I need to up my protein and watch my sodium intake. I think i’m consuming more salt that I should and that is what has been making me retain a lot of water lately. Curse you mall chicken! So, my plan is to replace a meal for a protein smoothie or shake that is low cal and full of real fruit. I am going to try and replace dinner with these smoothies because I haerd somewhere that you should eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a pauper. I have to stop buying food and bring my lunch. If i have more control in what I make i will be able to get my protein up and my carbs down. I will not let convenience win. I will wake up earlier and cook myself some eggs. I am realizing my errors now and I am going to nip that ish right in the butt. NO MORE white grians. No more pasta. It will have to be wheat/whole or egg noodles. They even make tofu noodles but they only sell them at Whole Foods and there isn’t one near me. 😦 Is there anyone who has high in lean protein/low cal ) recipes they can share? I’m really trying to stay on task. I have upped my excercise and I’m hoping to keep it up. I’m trying to stay positive and just keep burning those pounds!


2 thoughts on “Don’t stop color on the walls

  1. Ahh! My favorite high protein, low calorie meal is pretty much black bean/mushroom chili. I am a bean queen – and I usually eat it with quinoa or brown rice.

    Quinoa is amazing, by the way, and pretty easy to make. It works as a rice substitute in savory dishes, but I LOVE eating it like oatmeal in the morning with a splash of almond milk (less calories than normal milk, protein!!), pinch of sugar and cinnamon, and thawed frozen berries.

    • i need to try quinoa. I have never had the pleasure. Oh my almond milk is so tasty I need to buy more. Thank you for the tips!

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