I wanna live where soul meets body

I am feeling way more optimistic. It’s almost Christmas and today I woke up with a smile. Having Florence + the Machine as your alarm will do that to you I swear. Another smile to my face is that it’s pay day! I don’t think I’ve ever had a bad pay day. Glorious things happen on pay day. They taught me how to process some easy claims at work today so I was able to jammed to music for almost 6 hours today. Yes, I got paid to JAM. Hence the gloriousness of this day. ; )
I was also able to satiate my thirst for sexy boots. I purchased some boots online today and I got them for 28 bucks! I may be losing weight but my muscular ass calves are still some troublesome areas so I made sure they were for wide calves. I can’t wait to get them. I am determined to dress cuter. I want to rock dresses and skirts. I want to wear *gasp * leggings. Sure I have 100 or so more pounds to lose but damn it i’m feeling better and better every day. There is no reason to look a hot mess no matter what size you are. Rock color and cute things even if you’re plus size! I hate when plus size women hide themselves in only dark clothes or hideous flower patterns. Don’t be afraid of some color! Even at my heaviest I wore fabulous colors. You can see my attempt of a fashion blog post here.
So, random thoughts of the day as I go about my day:
I want an ass like Kim Kardashian’s. It’s possible. I’m going to make it happen. I will do at least 60 squats a day! RAH!
I want a bike but I don’t want a bike. My paranoia is that I’ll make the tires look flat.
I need more real jewelry in life. The e only thing “real” pieces that I own is my Pandora bracelet and my ID bracelet with my awesome name.
Oh, and my class ring that has the year I was SUPPOSED to graduate on it.
Another thing: I’m over my Pandora bracelet.
I worry that i’m bi polar but I usually do have a sunny disposition.
I am not an eye roller so there for I hate it when people roll their eyes at me. Bitch, you waited until 3 days before Christmas to decide you want to buy the limited edition make up set? Seriously?
I want to click my heels and move to Florida. Or New York. Or California. Or Tuscany. Or Australia.
I really don’t want to battle lines tonight.
Of COURSE the hottest guy in the whole office building has a girlfriend. Of course they have a beautiful baby. Of course.
I will still shamelessly check him out. Looking. Not touching.
I cannot WAIT to touch up the dye in my hair.
How does one become a wedding singer? Or becomes a back up singer?
Why do I have a writers block?
I will miss you on American Horror Story Evan Peters!! I will miss your beautiful psycho self so much!

I’ll say it for you: spaztastic.


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