I am done with my graceless heart So tonight I’m gonna cut it out and then restart

I’ve been so busy lately. I have totally neglected my blog! Shame on me. I have big, big, big news! Since my last update on my weight I have lost another 20 pounds! I found that out last Thursday. I blasted all over my facebook and twitter but I neglected to blog about it. I am so please to have lost 78 pounds. I am at my lowest weight in about three years. Only 22 more pounds until I have reached 100 mother effin pounds. I am so happy. I really am. I feel so lucky that I am really changing. Even though I see that I have a lot more to lose I am definitely happy to be at such a great start. I am trying to really get my fitness act together too so I don’t look all sloppy (even though my clothes kinda make me look that way since they’re so ill fitting.) I keep mentioning Dance Central 2 but I utilize it a lot. I have started using the fitness mode that tells me exactly how many calories I am burning. I think I burn more because i’m heavier but I love that game. I want to get more kinect games so while it’s cold outside i’m keeping active. I have also started to park a lot farther away from places so I fit in more walking. The other thing I have started is work with a personal trainer at Snap Fitness. I am so glad i’m getting more of a routine. I also still try to work out with my friends husband too but I feel bad he works. I don’t want to feel like I’m using a lot of his time. I must say though I have slacked horrible these past two days. I haven’t done much cardio except for cleaning. I am so determined to get these 22 pounds off so I can reach 100. I want to really DO something once I reach that goal. Not sure what but I am very excited to reach it. I really feel a lot happier. I’m not sure if my hormones are becoming more balanced or if its because I feel I look better. I am putting more of an effort on having a smile on my face and not dwelling on oh my god I have so much more weight to lose. I know I DO have a lot to lose and some times (very few times) I feel like i’m never going to get there but when I hear the compliments I feel more confident that i’m doing the damn thing. I am also getting a lot better at finding my inner strength so I am a better person to be around. I am so thankful for those who are in my life rooting me on. Thank you. Now, I better get my happy ass to bed. I plan on waking up at 6:55am and doing some serious cardio before work. I even said on my facebook status if you don’t see a status saying i’m working out by 7:15 am you can punch me the next time you see me. I am one determined chica. Oh and check out my updated page for my about me. I included me before shots and stuff.


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