blow it all away

So, if you don’t follow me on twitter or are friends with me on facebook I GOT THE JOB AT SEPHORA! Yay! It’s just part time and they’re going to be working around my current schedule at my job. I am very thankful for that. I really wanted this job because i like to stay occupied, make money, and be around make up. My full time job is not fun by any means and i think this will be like my fun job. Hollywood Video was my fun job. I loved it to pieces. I just really hope I can keep my stress level down and stay well rested. I think I can do it. THINK CAR! THINK DEBTS PAID OFF! THINK MAKE UP DISCOUNTED!! It’s all so exciting. My social life will be a little more diminished for awhile but it hasn’t been anything to look at as of late. The last time I went out out was halloween. I did go to two awesome concerts last week but its was with my family. Friends haven’t been seen too much. It’s sucky but they should know that I love them . I’m just not that interesting anymore.. I just stay home and watch fantastic tv or go to the movies. Two concerts in one week was kinda a big deal for me.
Shitty thing that happened to me recently? My phone was taken at the mall yesterday. I was SO bummed. I went to the Verizon kiosk to see whats the cheapest phone I could buy for now and it was 200 bucks. I was like REALLY?! I’m eligible for an upgrade in December but I need a phone now so what I did was buy something on Ebay thanks to Brandy’s suggestion. The phone is a Droid something something fancy lol. It was 50 and it really does seem nice. I can’t wait for it to get here so I can get back to being connected. I don’t think I’ll use the upgrade for awhile even though I really want that Iphone 4s. Hopefully this phone works well and Bran can just use the upgrade since we share a plan. So that was my dilemma of late. You gotta take the good with the bad some times. I was upset at the time but everything happens for a reason. I didn’t like the phone that much and I was having some problems with it (it kept going to voice command and taking screen caps for some reason ON IT’S OWN) so I’m not mad.Shit happens. Keep it moving.
So on a surgery note: i’ve been doing really well trying to get my small meals and protein in. I do have a day or two a weak when I have a small indulgence. Yesterday was bang bang chicken for the thai food place in the mall. Yes, it’s bang bang B ANGING. Of course chicken isn’t bad but I am pretty sure the sauce has a high sodium content. it’s not like i’m eating a whole bunch of it that’s for sure. After my adventure at the mall getting the job Thursday I visited a friend from work in the hospital. She just had a baby and I got to hold her! I was so excited. She was gorgeous, sweet and so tiny. I just love babies. I don’t want one now (perpetual singledom will put a damper on that lol) but I do love children all together. It’s magical to hold a life so small in your arms. It really is. After that I went to zumba and god I love dancing. I love i! It’s no joke though i’ll give you that. I dragged a couple of ladies that I work with to the class and they all basicaly wanted to kill me after. It’s a grueling hour if you’ve never done it before. Or , in my case, because I haven’t done it in a long time. Thank god I’ve been doing Massive attack on hard for awhile now. I tell ya I would’ve died if I didn’t lol. I really am thankful for classes like zumba. doing the same thing all of the time is so boring. I need to move and dance. I just need to get back to the weights though. I have a tiny hand weight so I’ll definitely need to start utilizing it. Today I am comfortably wearing a 2x thermal from Old navy with a 3x T shirt from Old Navy over top. My jeans are far FAR too big. Way too big and they make me look bigger because of their bagginess. They’re swimming on me. The waist is not at my hips but near my belly button to stay up. I can’t wait until I am under size 15 and i’m able to buy Levi’s from Macy’s. I just can’t wait. Now for the next part, I don’t know if it’s TMI or what, but I bought underwear a size smaller than usual and they’re still too big. I was so excited yet so pissed off at the same time because you can’t return underwear and they’r never cheap. It’s exciting. I’m not REALLY complaining.
I also tried on a size 22/24 pant today and they were also too big! Especially on the thigh area. I was like what the what?! I was a HARD size 28 two months ago. I’m just going to wait for pants or check out the thrift store. It’s silly to waste the money when I just keep losing the weight. So I am going to try and find something to do tonight. I’ll probably end up doing nothing since I am going out tomorrow morning to see Breaking Dawn with my friend Shay.
I am undercover Twilight fan lol. Not to cheat on Harry Potter and Hunger Games or nothing but… lol. I do enjoy them in a different way. The irrational ( AND I MEAN TOTALLY IRRATIONAL) romantic in me wants a romance like Bella and Edward. A girl can dream about a sparkly vamper right? But I do think i’d rather have a werewolf of the Alcide Hevereux variety ala True Blood. As per usual this post is crazy. I can’t call anyone so I’m all up on this writing thing. Over a thousand words? Give me my medal!


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