And I will be there for you until the end And even though, when I take you out You’ve got me, you’ve got me standing in an awkward position

I am in the awkward, awkward, stages of weight loss. I don’t know my total weight loss yet. Last time I checked was the first week of October and it was 58 pounds. I am willing to bet its in the sixties now. The reason why the stage i’m in is awkward is I am losing weight in weird places. What i’m noticing is the weight loss is in my neck, chest, and wrists. Yes, wrists. I am able to measure this with my bracelets. The medical id bracelet I wear used to sit exactly on my wristnow there is a little wriggle room. On my left arm I wear a pandora bracelet with fake me out beads. If it weren’t for the beads I’d be able to take that bracelet off with out unclasping it. An impossible feat presurgery. I am also feeling the collar bones I forgot I had. You can’t see them jutting out but they are resurfacing.For funsies I poke myself to feel them. Not in this self harming way, I promise you. I am thrilled to be losing weight but its just so sucky how the belly isn’t following as fast as I wish. My tops look so wonky on my. I have to wear a cami underneath some tops because of the over exposure and my lack of a good bra . It’s all just very awkward. I just wantd to share with you this lovely awkward stage haha
I’m really curious to see the total loss right now but I really don’t want a scale. I don’t want to become obsessed over the number of pounds lost. It is totally important but I think just FEELING better is the more important part. I feel less yucky now that i’m 3 days into the ursoforte. I hope it saves my gallbladder because I really can’t deal with another surgery right now. Especially since Thursday is my second interview/demo at Sephora! It’s a great oppurtunity because apparently its really hard to get into Sephora. Thank God I’m nice as pie to everyone who works there.


5 thoughts on “And I will be there for you until the end And even though, when I take you out You’ve got me, you’ve got me standing in an awkward position

  1. I think you’ve lost enough weight to give us some before and after shots (otherwise I will just go on your Facebook and look for myself!). You’ve gotten so far already and you’re being really proactive about losing weight and getting in shape, instead of just lounging around waiting for it to disappear on its own. And while you may be in an awkward stage now, everything will fall into place in time. I mean, 60 pounds? That’s like losing an Olsen twin!

    • I will do some probably this week. I am just embarrassed because I don’t feel its photo worthy but i’ll do it anyway lol. I definitely need to learn more patience. You can creep the facebook. The ones with Jenn are the most recent full body shots. The pix with Brandy with Dan are the befores. LOL at the olsen twin. I have like 7 olsen twins on me then

  2. Not only are you super nice but you’re very talented when it comes to putting on make up and might I also add that you have style when it comes to your clothes and hair. =)

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