Tell me where our time went && if it was time well spent

I am afraid something is happening to my gallbladder. I really don’t want to lose it because of the recovery time of the surgery. I JUST had the gastric sleeve I can’t go out of work again. Not this fast! I recently got my prescription for the ursoforte which is supposed to save my gallbladder or whatever but there is not guarantee. I just got the script yesterday because it was like 140 bucks. Don’t ask me why. It must be a tier 3 drug or something. That was the co pay. So I am starting the meds today and It’s supposedly really hard to take and i’m not excited about it. The reason why i’m scared something is happening to my gallbladder is I’m having odd sensations in my abdomen especially the top right. It just feels like OILY if that makes any sense. Like when you eat something greasy? Kinda like that but at weird times like when I haven’t eaten anything in a long time. This could also be that I’m a sloucher. I am trying hard not to be one but there always has been something wrong with the way my hips are aligned. One sides slightly raised. I was told losing weight would correct this when I was a teen so I ended up just gaining a bunch of weight and fucking myself up instead. As i’m losing the weight I am trying to sit straighter at work but I end up slouching at home on the computer without thinking. I don’t want to become hunch backed so I am trying to sit straighter. So maybe my pain is from slouching? I don’t know I just hope I don’t lose my gallbladder. I know you may not need it but I can’t afford to not work right now. Maybe in two years I could lose it, okay? Okay.
Frou Frou has just come on my Pandora. I like them but when i listen to them I always feel like I should be in a kitchen full of stainless steel or something.Very clean lines. Don’t ask lol.

It’s a cloudy Sunday morning and the Eagles play at one. I was pleased with them like once this whole season so I was thinking of saving my heart today by ditching the game and going to run errands instead of waiting til after the game. But a true fan will watch so I guess I’ll watch. Philadelphia sports fan. Gotta love us. Or really, really, really hate us.


4 thoughts on “Tell me where our time went && if it was time well spent

  1. Sorry you’re having problems with it. I hope you can keep it longer. My brother just found out he has a mass on it or something. He goes on the 15th to see what it is. he has a lot of pain when standing and what not. He has to lay down for it to go away. He’s only 35.
    I just opened my windows some. It’s windy but not cold like it has been. A little sun is out but not much. I hate winter and snow!

  2. I had mine out in 1997 and I didn’t have any problems at all after it was out. I drugged up on Darvocet for the first two days but other than that, I was good to go. 🙂 Obviously not everyone is that way, but gallbladder removal shouldn’t be that bad. Not if they do it laproscopic anyways. 😛 My recovery time was 2 weeks and I was back to work – and I worked in a factory. 🙂

    However, that doesn’t mean it wouldn’t be nice to keep it around for a while! 🙂

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