Cheer up it may never happen oh it may never happen we’ll see

My desk is a mess at work. A legit mess. I am staring at it right now
wanting to scream. it’s not that i’m this neat freak at all but my work
desk I try to have some pride in. It’s just I have so many papers for
all these different plants I work on and they’re all over the place
because I’M all over the place going to different plans for assistance.
I have cheat sheets every where for different plans so I know all the
So I’m having down time i’m on my lunch decided to do a little post.
I was thinking about doing a all liquid diet soon. Protein diets and
things like that. I still haven’t purchased a scale but while i’m not
able to be as active as I like with this knee I wanted to keep my weight
loss progressing. Today i’m doing well food wise. I made two eggs with a
slice of turkey and a slice of low fat cheese. I have only eaten one egg
since 8:30 am and for lunch I have a 2 oz piece of salmon. I friggin’
love salmon. I buy it frozen from Wal-Mart for 3.97. They’re
individually packaged portions and it brings four of them and they’re
weild caught. I season them with a little bit of apple vinegar, red
pepper flakes, and honey. I sometimes also mix this McCormick fiery
pepper its pretty sweet INSTEAD spicy which is how I like it. I really
dig sweet and salty combinations. I bake it in the oven for 8-10 minutes
at 375 and its always juicy delicious. If there are any other good
salmon recipes please let me know. I love salmon because of the omega
three. I am still annoyed major with my knee(think Zenon from the Disney
channel when reading that.) I am going to call my pcp to make an
appointment. I need my yearly anyway and I’m excited to be nearly 60
pounds down from when she last saw me. She was one of my biggest
supporters so I am very excited to tell her how I’m doing. Tonight is
the goo goo dolls concert. Yay! I can’t wait to jam to slide and black
balloon. Let’s hope my mom has a good time too. She knows who they are
but this is her first “rockish” concert so she has no idea what to
expect. They’re a far cry from any type of rock that includes moshing
but she’s just unsure. I think it’ll be similar to the third eye blind
concert I went to a few years ago.
I was laughing so ahrd at myself earlier because I was talking to a
friend about how expensive Adle tickets were when she was touring and I
said; “I wish we could go back to before she was super famous and the
tickets would be a quarter of that.” I was like, in my head, HIPSTER
PROBLEMS. I cracked up all by myself and people were like what? What’s
funny about me is when I start laughing abotu something stupid I
instantly think its extra hilarious and start laughing even harder. I
realized what was missing with my blog as well; links! I don’t have
anyones links anymore. I need to definitely do that. Wanna be linked?
Comment I’ll link you I have no problem with that. I’l get on that as
soon as I can. I really want to become a more organized blogger. But
it’s me there is hardly anthing organized about me ; )


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