EdenFantasys *review*

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I wanted to be truthful about my experience with EdenFantasys. While they have tons of options for plus size options for Lingerie the one I chose was not the best. I bought this little number right here:

I bought it at 3x and planned to fit it into a Halloween costume to be a cute witch or something. The problem was the bra. The bra cups are completely too big. I may be a 3x but I really wish they sized the bra as well because my 3 x body has a C cup. Those cups were for a D or DD. So I was frustrated about that. The other frustration was that I felt it wasn’t a true corset for what it costs. The item costs 49.99 and while it looks pretty, I expected it to be the type of corset that sucks you in and puts your boobs up. So that’s probably a my bad on my part. I think the next product I try from them will be some stockings. They have gorgeous stockings and I want to start wearing some dresses every now and then. We’ll see. I will say that their shipping was super quick and discreet. Not that it bothers me that people know I bought lingerie but they do sell sex toys on their site so I understand discretion in that sense. It was just a plain brown box with no give a way where it came from. I think while I keep losing weight the corset will fit better so I’m not going to give it away/sell it on ebay yet. Oh, I forgot to add, it brought a thong and that thong would never in a million years fit a 3x female. I don’t rock thongs ANYWAY but if someone had bought the product and expected it to fit their ass they would not be pleased. I think the thong would fit more of a XL or even an L. So that was the full experience. I am not writing off the site all together for future purchases of lingerie or anything like that but this product in particular I would never recommend.


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