I told ya I was trouble. You know that I’m no good.

So I bought a domain. So this is now krymeariver.com . It’s pretty legit in that way. I wanted a domain because I wanted to make this more awesome I guess. That and I want to start advertising. I wanna make some dough if at all possible.
SO the latest: I’m getting sick. I know this because I feel intense sinus pressure, i’m super tired, my glands are swollen and my head is uber heavy. I am trying to stave off the sickness by drinking vitamin c like MAD. It works some days.

Lately, I have been a rage-o-holic. I have been harboring grudges when maybe it isn’t that serious. I am confused by the actions of many and it brings me to my rages. I shouldn’t let these people and their actions make me this pissed but when it affects me and they go all la-di-da-di-da like they did nothing wrong makes me mad. I am not big on confrontations but when they happen they HAPPEN. I think I’m almost past the statute of limitations i think. It happened July of 09 so I think I’m kosher but I still won’t mention the full evil that took over me and almost made me do something very, very, bad. I will say that I need to channel my rage in a full on work out so what I do now is try to dance it out using my new Dance Central 2 game that has so many jams. That or push ups on the steps. I have had such anger and amnimosity toward people… I try to be civil and it’s some what succeeding but it’s getting to the point that i just want to scream “HOW COULD YOU DO THAT AND THINK ITS OKAY?! THAT YOUR REASONING IS JUSTIFIABLE?!” May be this is what I need to do to get this rage off my chest. But instead i try and play cool and just be aloof but it’s driving me mad. I don’t want a repeat of july 09 (and neither does ANYONE else) but I don’t want to ruin shit completely. Being rational at all times is not always my strong suit. I decided that I am getting a tattoo on my left forearm by my wrist. It’s going to say “paciencia”. It’s homage to my latin heritage to remind myself to have patience in all things. I may include the word Paz and make it paz y paciencia. Peace and patience. I like the idea of it just being one word though. Maybe the needles will help air out my inner demons. That and a lot of meditation.
Well, I got myself all worked up again and now I am going to go dance it out. Again. I leave you with a nearly sixty pounds heavier video of myself and my sister Kaylynn and my bro Kevin jamming to my girl. Its poor quality and you really need to have the sound low but it was fun. I just found it on my you tube. Til later:


2 thoughts on “I told ya I was trouble. You know that I’m no good.

  1. *updates link*
    I think everyone gets like that from time to time. Just try to find a healthy outlet to release your anger. Working out is definitely a good way. I’ve even read that something as simple as 10 minutes of walking in sunshine can make you feel better. I’ve learned to stop caring about what others think or say or do. It’s better to just live my life in a way that makes me happy. If someone doesn’t fit into the plan, they don’t need to be in my life. I’d rather have 4 or 5 friends that make me insanely happy than have 30 friends that piss me off.

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