Wait, do you see my heart on my sleeve? It’s been there for days on end

If any readers of this blog are not friends with me on facebook or follow me on twitter I have an awesome announcement!

I went to the doctors yesterday for my two month follow up. The verdict? I dropped another 21.2 pounds! Adding to my total of the previous 37 pounds dropped makes it 58 pounds down! That is amazeballs to the maximillion. I am really losing weight even though I can’t totally see it yet. I still see a girl that needs to lose more weight to be healthy. Which is true. I’ll be honest with you guys. REAL honest. I am going to post the weight I STARTED at in MAY. The horrifying weight that sparked the whole surgery.
412. I am 5’8 and I USED to weigh 412. When I went for my pre op appointment on August 15 I weighed 402. On the day of surgery, 8/31, I was 390. Now, I weigh 343. Still a substantial weight but I am never going back to 400 pounds. The fact that the number was even possible to reach for me just shocked my soul. It was a wake up call. I was really depressed for like 3 days and then I actively pursued the surgery option. I probably could have died with in the next two years letting my weight climb like that. People know I am big but they probably had no idea that I used to weigh over four hundred pounds. Height can be awesome. My ultimate goal is 200 pounds to 190. I think i’d be comfortable at either of those weights. I know they say 180 is the top weight I should be at my height but I know I’d be fine at 200. I’d be a curvy girl. I’m big boned period I think going lower that 190 i may look weird. The fact that I no longer have to lose 200 pounds is amazing. AMAZING. I know I have tons of work ahead of me but I think its very possible to reach goal now. I see the light in the horizon. My self happiness is closer and closer every day! I don’t want people to get it twisted that I am not a happy girl. I am very happy. I get depressed every now and then for my perpetual singledom but I know that you gotta love yourself before you love anyone else. Knowing that doesn’t make it any easier being surrounded by couples. My best friends are all in long term relationships. I’ll get there someday.
Another note:
This broad went shopping and I saved mad money. I used and shopped old navy. I bought this ADORABLE sweater coat thing and a couple of long sleeved shirts. I then went to fashion bug and bought a hoodie, a pair of pants (in 2x!!!) and two lace camis.
I used this coupon ( and they took it through my smart phone you didn’t need to print it) and saved 20 bucks off my 50 dollar order. If you can’t click that link search fashion bug on facebook and like their page the coupon is in their pictures.
I ended up buying 250 dollars worth of stuff from both places for 80 dollars. I was so proud. I really needed warmer clothes and better fitting items so it was essential. See, it’s easy to save if you need to shop!
Another another ANOTHER note
It’s the night of Halloweekened. Tons of people are going to the loop in Wilmington, which I agreed to go, but if you’re on the upper east coast you all know this weather is critical. How are the girls who wear super slutty costumes going to fare in this weather? I am a flapper as you saw in a few posts ago. so at least I can wear some tights and a sweater with that jonski. Most likely I’ll be wearing a hoodie too. I hate the cold. I wanna move to Florida so bad. I love my awesome trench coat that is super warm though:

Yeah, that was earlier this year(January). That’s my 400 pound face. I hope the coat still fits me because I really don’t feel like buying a new one unless they have a good deal again on Old Navy for black friday/cyber monday. Well, this post was mad longer than I thought it would be. Hope its a little more uplifting than my last couple of posts. Until later…


3 thoughts on “Wait, do you see my heart on my sleeve? It’s been there for days on end

  1. I can’t even believe you weighed that much. I would have never guessed anywhere near that. And even though you say you can’t see the weight loss just yet, it’s definitely noticeable. Maybe it’s because you look at yourself in the mirror everyday? I mean, I saw you way earlier this year, but you look INCREDIBLY different from then. Keep up the awesome work! You’re doing a great job!

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