i won’t mistake you for problems with me I won’t let my moods ruin this, you’ll see

I am such a GIRL. I have my days and then I have my DAYS. I am constant in the sense that I am NEVER constant. My feelings are always so out of this world. I get mad and I want to break windows. I get sad and wanna kry many rivers (tee hee). I get so happy I want to perform musical numbers in inappropriate places.
I don’t think i’d be me without all those insane feelings and reactions to those feelings. I think my reactions are what gets me in trouble. I can be kinda extreme. I am working on that to MELLOW THE HELL OUT.
Some times jamming to this song does it for me:

I really like the Tristan Prettyman version.
I’m excited for zumba tomorrow. It is so fun and it doesn’t feel SO much like you’re exercising but it wears you out. I’m going with a friend from work. I barely exercised this week because I am coming down with a cold. I feel pure ickface and I hate it. I’m gonna go make some tea and try to catch up on my sims family. Judge away.


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