EdenFantasys say what, what ?

Read the disclaimer first:Disclaimer:

Eden Cafe
So let’s talk about EdenFantasys. Now, I know what you’re thinking. Krystal is all about the naughty website? She’s on the low with sex toys?

It’s not always about that and that’s what I want to introduce to my readers who are curious about what this EdenFantasys website people sometimes blog about. From a girl like me’s point of view. MMkay?
First off it isn’t all about the naughty adult toys. Sure, there is a great deal about the toys for the ladies and even toys for da boys but there are also lingerie, candles, and costumes!
That’s what really sparked my interest for this site. Being plus size its hard as HELL to find a costume. Seriously. RIDICULOUSLY HARD. Lingerie for the plus size woman isn’t easy either. So I took note of this while I browsed the website. They have a lot to offer to the plus size woman. Very skimpy stuff for the daring ladies too, if you’re into that. The sizes for the costumes and lingerie go up to a 4x. Currently, I am not sure of my size. I was pushing a 4x so I may try the 3 for some costumes or the stockings. I was super excited to see those cute stockings with the garter belts. I’m not necessarily going to rock all that for halloween but who says all the skinny women can have all the fun? No offense flaca chicas by any means, i’m just saying. Yes, I said just saying. If I can get my legs right by Halloween I may rock the school girl costume with DARK tights. (it is October!)
I just wanted to put it out there that EdenFantasys isn’t all about the toys. Sure it’s a sex shop website to help your boudoir/love life. We’re adults. What’s so bad about that? Their shipping is discreet too so if this post isn’t aspiring you to get a candle you can certainly get a little somethin’ somethin’ for your naughty drawer without it being plastered all over your box. Just wanted to share a little about the website. It a couple of weeks i’ll let you guys know how the costume I plan on purchasing comes out. Full size description and everything : )


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