I’m only 23 for another hour give or take, I’m a fan or yours and I need a good mistake.

It’s my 24th on October 3rd. Which is tomorrow or if I time this right to go in line with this killer Incubus lyric a few hours from now.
Random bits about the year:
I took more risks this year. By getting this surgery I took a risk of going under the knife to get my life on a better track. I always bitched about my weight and I have tried everything to get it under control. This so far has been the best way to do that. I am so proud of myself and I can’t wait for more time to pass so I can get healthier!
I was able to meet my Aussie friend Dan and he’s just the best. Honest. I had so much fun that month he was here. We clicked so much. He’s mah homie for life now.
I was able to see relationships crumble, crash, and burn so now I know what I really want. This year made me realize that I gotta take more chances and give people the benefit of the doubt. I can’t always assume the worst. I will say: at the first sign of real trouble I will say peace out boy scout.
I got closer to people and became more distant with people. Life happened and I have learned that living in the past is now way of living.
I learned that I have a great life to look forward too and there is no one to stop me.
So that was my little post about this year. Short but I am not totes mcgotes inspired.


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