Confessions of a Shopaholic.

Let’s talk about clothes for the plus size senorita, shall we? Being overweight and wanting to wear nice clothes can be a real challenge and a pricey one at that. More fabric= more money. I like to think I dress pretty cutely despite my size. I wanted to share some tips for fellow women out there like myself.
I am currently losing weight but I am still wayyyy plus size. So let me give you some places I like to frequent.
I usually stick to these places: fashion bug/lane bryant, the avenue, rainbow, Ashley Stewart,and old navy the most. There are other stores that carry plus size clothes out there but they’re really expensive. Shit, Lane Bryant is super expensive but I buy on the sales racks or if they mail me a coupon. Same for some of Fashion Bug’s stuff. Now, Fashion Bug and I have a serious love/hate relationship. Some of their stuff is way frumpy and I have a bone to pick with their shirt lengths. They are far too short some of the time!
A great example of a LOVE is this shirt :

(that’s my great, gorgeous, (and make up talented) friend Kim on the right)
You can’t see the full shirt but it has great coloring, a cool print, and the neckline is a plastic chain-like necklace attached to the shirt. It’s a tank top and I pair it with a half cardigan usually.
I am able to find pieces on their sale racks often and make it work. Now, it’s the season for warmer clothes but what is on the sale racks are tank tops and tees. What I do is buy adorable tank tops and spend the bigger bucks on like a cover up (not that big of bucks though!) The cover ups are usually a long sleeved flowy thing like:

They work well and can become staples for your colder months. This way you can spend WAYY less money. That black cover up thingy you can wear with tons of different tank tops underneath and it transforms your outfits. Especially if you wear different accessories with it. I get cheap accessories at Forever 21 or Beauty Supply stores. (The ones that have no real name but you can buy great shit for your hair and get dollar earrings too!)
My favorite store for color is Ashley Stewart. Their stuff can be more on the pricier side but their blouses are GORGEOUS.
Just because we’re big doesn’t mean ya gotta shy away from color.
My favorite shirt from there is this blue one:

It looks a little unflattering because of the way i’m sitting. But i love the colors and how it looks like a painting. I wore it with a fashion bug zebra print cami underneath. That cami is my FAVORITE. I wear it all the time. Now that pairing was for an 80’s party so I just wanted to be colorful and crazy. A
Honorable mentions for where you can get plus size clothes are Forever 21 and maternity stores/sections. That’s right. Maternity! Before I get into that I wanted to talk about forever 21. Their sizes are plus JUNIOR. Similar to DEB. If you’re in the 22/24 or 26/28 sizes you’d probably want to shy away from Forever 21. They only reason I mention them is because you can find cool oversized cardigans and things like that. I bought a little grey shrug from there that has diamonds on the shoulders and that works well. I also bought a green beaded top from there and it fit fine. It’s all about looking.
Now, Maternity. I can fit in some xl maternity clothes no joke. It all depends on the material. I have 3 maternity shirts and no one can tell that’s what they are. Just check out the sections and experiment.
I hope these tips are helpful for you. I know there are other sites like torrid but torrid is RIDICULOUSLY PRICED. Seriously, a t shirt for 30 bucks? Hell to the nah. I shop online SOMETIMES. Usually for old navy. I save my money from shopping online by using ebates.
That site is literally amazing. You sign up for the site (use that link above so you can get free five bucks!) and then you search for the store you wanna shop on and get a percentage back. It’s usally just 8% or something. They have coupons on there as well you can use to save money too. I am all about a bargain even though I am a totes mcgotes shopaholic.
SO thats that. This post was not sponsored or anything. I just wanted to help my fellow plus size divas. That button for ebates is part of their tell a friend program but I don’t get anything unless you sign up and buy something. So happy shopping!


9 thoughts on “Confessions of a Shopaholic.

  1. I seriously detest shopping for clothes because 99% of the time I just can’t find anything that fits that looks good. Our Fashion Bug isn’t too frumpy, but the stuff they do have is usually too small – even in the plus size section.

    And you’re right – torrid is ridiculously priced. So is Lane Bryant & Woman Within (which is what the online/mail order Lane Bryant became). There is no reason to charge *that* much for clothes just because a person is big. šŸ˜›

    • It’s a pain but I’ve come to love shirt shopping HATE pants shopping. I work in an office setting so I tend to buy stretchy black pants that still look businesslike. Shirts I can deal with though. Yeah, the price is just way too much. I don’t even mess with woman within lol. I try and go to the stores itself because of the whole sales rack experience. I swear clearance shopping is my mecca lol.

  2. Plus size shopping is such a bitch. I don’t know about you, but I never had much luck with DEB or other “trendy” and “junior” plus size shops – it seems like their sizes were always 1-2 smaller than the “standard” sizes you’d find at Fashion Bug and Lane Bryant. Oh, and I hear you on Fashion Bug’s shirt length – I found them to be too short! And their bras are just… crazy.

    I loved Old Navy’s plus size line – it seems like, on the flip side, their stuff ran a size larger than the norm! But hey, that works. šŸ™‚

    I’m so excited for you and your continued weight loss. Before you know it you’ll be on the small end of the plus size line, and after that not even *in* plus sizes anymore. Whoo hoo! šŸ™‚

    • the trendy places I could do like a year or two out of high school but I do sometimes find stuff. It’s a pain in the ass though. lol. Old navy’s stuff is just odd sometimes. I swear to shirts that are the same thing are never the same size lol. Thanks I’m excited too. I can’t wait for next summer and we can go on rides!

  3. I love that everything you wear is bright and cheery! I was pretty heavy in high school, but stuck to wearing only black or gray…and it was always bulky and baggy to hide absolutely everything. Essentially, I looked like a walking trash bag. I wish I had better fashion sense back then (I also wish animal print was a fashion staple like it is now).

    • In high school I was heavy but I still fit in junior plus so I made it work. I think there is just a lot of stores around here for me to have options. lol remember my leopard shirt I wore to the club? I had at least 3 gay guys ask me to be their wifey haha.

  4. I’ve always loved your clothes. Gah, I’ve spent so much of my money on clothes, and most of them, I don’t/can’t even wear them. Felt like my signature outfit was my work uniform, or sweats (when I’m at home most of the time). I figure, why put the effort in looking cute, when I barely get out? I need to change that, but I also need more money first. Money is such an object, an excuse for everything, we need it to make ourselves happy, and look fashionable.

    • Thanks Bran. I think you should try to incorporate the stuff you don’t wear more into your wardrobe. If you don’t wear it and they’re gently used you should try and see if you could bring them to plato’s closet for cash or goodwill and put it as a credit on your taxes. The good thing is lots of tee shirts will be on sale now so you just have to buy a sweater or a neutral colored hoodie to wear over top šŸ™‚

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