I need the city to remind me there is life out there surviving

Recently, I have gotten lots of questions about the gastric sleeve. The recovery and everything like that. I gotta say I think I have had it easy. The worst was the first two days in the hospital with the air travelling all over my body. They said walking would help that so walking I did. For the past three weeks I have pushed myself to do some kind of exercise for forty minutes a day to keep active. I am able to do that, I THINK, because I take my b 12 1000 in the day time. Otherwise, from lack of carbs and sugars, I’d be donezo. [Insert awesome Aziz from parks and recreation donezo dialogue here] I still have my bouts of just being tired and that hits me around 4 pm. I still go on but I can’t really go gung ho exercise like I do before that. I haven’t had any real pain after the first few days of surgery. Worst part was that drain and I describe the ick of that here. It’s been a good month of just being away from work. I honestly have no desire to go back but I need to make da money to start my new chapter in life. I want to go back to school. Focus on creative writing and get my grammar in check. I totes mcgotes know my posts are not the model citizens of grammatically correct. I want to finish my book (series.) I want to meet someone awesome significant other style. I want to fix my credit. I want to get my Spanish on its A game. I’m going to be 24 in a week. I am a young senorita and I got a lot of living to do. As I keep on going through this journey I think I will truly know myself and be totally happy with myself. What’s funny is I may actually lose 50 pounds this month. I haven’t weighed myself since my appointment on the 15th, but two weeks after surgery I was 26 pounds down. Who’s to say two weeks after that I’d lose another 26? I am working hard and I feel great. I am starting to feel really good about myself because the weight is continually going down. I feel it in my clothes. What made me LOL my sister said my boobs look bigger. I feel as though they’re the first that are going but maybe the rest of me is getting smaller?
Well, tomorrow I hunt for a new dresser since Hurricane Irene beat up my other one with water damage through the window. Ta-ta


One thought on “I need the city to remind me there is life out there surviving

  1. We’ve all made goals now, we just have to stick with them. I’m excited for you chickie. Keep up the awesome work. 50lbs is remarkable. I’ve seen pictures and I’ve seen a difference already, but imagine how you’ll look in a few months. Proud of you. Love you x

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