if i told you things i did before, told you how i used to be, would you go along with someone like me?

I haven’t posted in awhile but things have happened. I went to the doctors and found out how much I lost. I lost 26 pounds since the date of surgery. Since my official pre-surgery weight i have lost 37 pounds which was on August 18th. That is pretty amazeballs. A lot of people already knew this ish because I posted it on facebook and twitter. but I wanted to make an official post about it. I have been working hard on portion control and exercising. Nothing more than walking and dancing but i am moving at least an hour a day. I have been feeling good.
I do feel a little off in large social settings, though. This weekend I went to Oktoberfest. Which is full of drunken people and theres a little place for rides too. Like, tons and tons of drunk ass people. I felt like I was one of the only sober person there besides the kids. It was just shocking to be around so many people. I had a good time. I did. I just got tired pretty quickly. To make up for all that people time I spent most of the day by myself yesterday. I went to the movies and saw Drive which was very odd. I liked it but I felt like Albert Brooks desperately needed eyebrows and I hated the soundtrack. Ryan Gosling was fantastic in it. He really is a great actor. After the movie I felt like a drive so I went to go get lost in Maryland. I was looking for a park to walk around in and ended up driving to Elk Neck park and finding Turkey point which is really pretty. I was scared to be by myself in the woods for long so I walked up the side of the “cliff” for about 20 minutes and then walked 20 minutes back. It was a crazy hill. So that’s whats been going on as of late. No sicknesses or anything just little bouts of sleepiness that I get.


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