The fabric’s wearing through And it’s wearing me out You’re wearing me down

I am not going to lose 60 pounds in a month. I am sorry to break it to some of the people who think that. It’s just not going to happen. I think I lost 15 pounds these past two weeks. If that. I have been walking a lot and keeping up on being hydrated. I have kept up with my vitamins but I haven’t been able to fit in that 90 grams of protein. It is difficult! I can only eat a very little and I try to cram as much of that powdered protein in the things I’m eating while keeping it appetizing. I still want shit to taste good, ya know? I’ve been feeling listless today. I hate being in the house all day. I thrive around people. Well, non annoying people.
A lot of things have set me off lately. Irrational anger. Irrational fear.
The irrational anger is sparked by past events I never confronted in the past…
Irrational fear is the fear of going back to work and having to talk to people from Detroit again. Maybe these feelings aren’t irrational…
I have great people in my life. No doubt about that. And these said people mean a lot to me. But sometimes they get annoyed with me because they don’t understand me. They misunderstand my tongue and it causes… confusion. I can’t get into it right now but I’ll leave it at that.
Random bits of flowless poetry:

That’s called flattery.
that’s called kindness


Ah, my mind goes a million times a minute and I can’t articulate SHIT. It irks me.
I am literally too passionate for my own good. That is it. I get mad. I get sad. And people look at you for feeling this way like get a fucking grip. Well, you get a grip bitch and drown your feelings by popping more pills or screwing your ex that left you because you were too clingy. But I digress.


One thought on “The fabric’s wearing through And it’s wearing me out You’re wearing me down

  1. Spoken like a true Libra! That’s what we do. We care a lot and we get frustrated when no one recognizes it. And then everyone misunderstands our frustrations as being catty or bitchy. This is precisely why I avoid befriending women.

    I don’t think anyone is expecting you to drop 60 pounds in an instant. But hello, 15 pounds in two weeks?! That’s more than a pound a day. That’s amazing! And the idea of eating 90 grams of protein a day is disgusting. Lord have mercy on you because I know just how nasty protein powders can be. I stopped being a vegetarian strictly because I couldn’t handle drinking a pint of that crap every morning.

    You seem to be a lot less emotional about everything than in your last post, though. You’re allowed to feel angry and scared once in a while. Stay strong! You’re doing great! And if you ever need anything (even if it’s just to rant and rave about nonsense), I’m just a tweet or text away! ❤

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