baby, I like your style. Let’s get it on.

Today I am going to venture in the world. It’s raining and I need to stretch my legs. I am not the kind of girl who loves to loaf at home. So I am going to step out to a store for a little bit and walk. I am going crazy in my house. I am going to bring my water bottle to stay hydrated and keep track of how much liquid I am drinking. It may sound like I am doing too much for a girl who just got out post op but I need this for my minds well being. I really do. I am not an introverted individual by nature and my cell phone is out of minutes til the 8th so I can’t call people which is the wackness. I am most excited about putting make up and clothes that aren’t pjs. They’re going to be loose fitting pants and a loose top but still not what i’ve been wearing recently.
I started pureed food yesterday! I had a wee bit (like a table spoon and a half i swear) of Dannon light n fit strawberry yogurt for lunch and about 2 oz of mashed potatoes for dinner with a half scoop of unflavored protein and light cheese on top melted. It took me 45 minutes to eat. I ate it with a very tiny spoon as recommended. This feeling of fullness is pretty overwhelming sometimes. I feel like; shouldn’t I be eating? Sometimes I sip too much water and I feel the urge to either vomit or a really gross burp/hiccup. It is so weird. I really feel like I am being reborn. It is so weird. I don’t think the weirdness will go away that fast.
On a totally irrelevant note:
I am really into The XX

Their breathy voices… its just so calming to me. I can’t pin who it reminds me of right this second but I feel like its basically music from Grey’s Anatomy’s early seasons lol. Funnily enough, the video I posted above is FROM a Grey’s episode. It’s cool rainy day music which its doing right now. So I am going to get dressed. Wish me luck.
p.s. I updated my latest obsession finally!


2 thoughts on “baby, I like your style. Let’s get it on.

  1. I know your stomach is significantly smaller after surgery, but I never thought it would be to that extent. I’d feel so weird if that was all I was eating each day. What’s the recovery period for this? Like…how long until you get to eat non-mushy foods?

    • Well, for 48 hours after i was released from the hospital I had to be on clear liquids only. Then slowly starting the pureed stuff. I have to be on the pureed diet for 4 weeks then I start soft solids which is like moist chopped turkey with no skin or soft fish, scrambled eggs. I could even have crackers, soft noodles and potatoes.

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