what the water gave me

I may be going too hardcore. I walked like two blocks today in my neighborhood and walked around my house a bit. All I have been able to keep down in clears (which is what was ordered for the today and tomorrow.) Up until about a half hour ago I was drinking just water. I don’t have the appetite for anything else. I started to feel uber woozy and dizzy so I called Jenn, my resident baritric surgeon expert. She told me my body is basically starving for nutrients and just water is just going to help the dehydration. My body needed something else so my mom made me chicken broth. I’m feeling good just a little pah. I definitely need to purchase some non flavored protein for Monday’s purees.
I had two friends visit today which was lovely because I am already starting to turn to online shopping so they distracted me. (I bought magnetic nail polish and the magnet) I bought a fuchsia one and the diagonal magnet. The excitement is just intense for that product haha I bought them on ebay so it wasn’t TOO bad but still I can’t just buy shit online. I have bills to pay. Medical, car insurance, protein purchases. Sigh.
Any way, my surgery was this past Wednesday and I think I am doing very well despite my slight dizzy spell and overall ache and tenderness over my tummy/wound area. I walked some more around the house but just to move my legs not to do anything over exuberant like my excursion around my neighborhood. It may just be too much right now. I woke up today and took my meds( a shot of lovinox in the stomach and prevacid chewable) and took some flintstone vitamins. I think thats pretty good for my first day of actually CONSUMING anything. Well, I just wanted to give a small update and I may just chill out now and watch weeds. Until later.


2 thoughts on “what the water gave me

  1. You’re doing good! I’d say a little less physical activity (you definitely need to walk each day, but how about several laps around your house and once or so around your yard instead of doing laps around the freaking block?) and increase your protein as much as you are comfortably/medically able to. Small sips throughout the day, and sip clear fluids (water) in between so you get in protein *and* hydration.


    Now, what is magnetic nail polish? It’s late and my speakers are off; otherwise I’d check out the video!

    • yeah i’m definitely trying to take it more easy. Magnetic nail polish is this bad ass thick polish that when you put a magnet on top the magnetic particles make a design. It is the coolest thing

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