surgery: the b sides. WARNING GROSS

I did it. I have been chopped and stapled together. I have been in the hospital for the past two days. Its been a hell of a few days. Let me first tell ya’ll about the day of surgery:
Wednesday; August 31st.
I wake up at 5 and quickly take a good shower. At 5:30 we head to the hospital so I can check in and begin prep. I am a complete nervous wreck. My uncle drops me and my mother off while he parks the car. I am pulled into the room to drop my c pap machine (for my sleep apnea) off as well as my purse. I get weighed and find out that I lost 12 pounds in the two weeks I was doing the liquids. Rad.
So the nurse questions asks me if I am an organ donor or have a will. At 23 I do not have a will and organ donor I am not but I wish I did that when I was sixteen. I begin to cry for fear that I will die and my organs will be of no use. My mom and uncle try to calm me down as does the nurse. They tried to assure me that I wasn’t going to die. And poked me in the stomach with lovinax(a blood thinner) at one point. I was put on a brave face even though I was convinced I was going to die.
After I was changed into a gown a man did an ekg on me very quickly. After all that was done I was brought up to the real prep center for the surgery. I said my good byes to my family and held it together. I was then brought into a room that had 4 beds on each side of the room with curtains. A sweet nurse named Kevin made me laugh and asked a slew of questions. Then a person who preps and scrubs the patients came in an did her business. I was somewhat calm listening to everyone answer the questions the nurses asked them. I attempted to fall asleep. It was around 7:15 then. I was awoken by the people who were to prep me for anesthesia. I told them I had to go to the bathroom which I proceeded to do. When i got back and saw all the people there my fears started to eat at me again. I allowed the nurse in training try to get a vein in my left hand. She failed. The nurse who was not in training put a line in my right arm where they usually drew blood from. I proceeded to sorta hyper ventilate. They were waiting for H&P which was history and something started with a p but the anesthesiologist said to hell with that and just give her the versid which is what they did. They called it the cocktail. It was awesome. From there time got fuzzy. I just remember being wheeled to the OR. I was scooted on to the table and strapped in. Everyone was really sweet and then they put the mask on my face and I was out.

When I awoke in the recovery room i had tons of people around me. Yelling at me. It wasn’t pleasant. They kept telling me to breathe and damn it was hard to breathe. I was in a lot of pain. They put an oxygen mask on me and kept saying breathe. They were sorta satisfied when they started to ask me what my pain level was on a scale of 1 through 10. I said that bitch was at an 8. So they pumped me with something- i assume morphine. They kept reminding me to breathe and breathe deeply but my stomach and side hurt so friggin’ bad. The old gentleman in the bed next to me kept calling out for his wife Dorothy. The people in front of me where all being worked on as well. Then they were wheeled out to go to their rooms. I was there for an hour so my pain level could be brought down. I was then wheeled up to my room. During the trip I had to close my eyes otherwise I was going to vomit. It was so nauseating. I was so groggy by the time I got to my room which was on the 7th floor. I was then assisted to the bathroom. I had to walk really slow because of the ache of my belly and what I found out later was the drain. After I did my business I was helped into a chair. My aunt and my mom then walked in. From there shit was real fuzzy. I remember my friend Jenn coming in and getting very happy to see her. The gas pains from the air they filled me with to better see me for the surgery was traveling up to my shoulders and it was so fucking painful. It really feels like a heart attack. I walked at some point I remember that. I remember not really wanting to pump myself with morphine. Don’t ask me why. The first day was really rough. I was groggy and I kept trying to walk to ease the gas pains. I kep awakening from naps because they had to do my vitals every 15 minutes. I remember my family coming in and my sisters getting on my nerves. I was sorta bitchy because of my discomfort and confusion coming off of all these meds. I walked some more to help with the pain.
I had to put on oxygen at night with my c pap machine because my o2 level was only at 90 and they needed it to be at least at 92. So they had to figure that jonski out. This was at like 12 am. I went to the bathroom and walked again. I walked a hell of a lot for my first day out of surgery. The next day was pretty bad. I was awoken early for vitals and to take a test in which I had to drink the most vile thing on the face of the planet. Mind you, I was only eating an ice chip every 20 minutes or something. I wasn’t allowed to drink. So I am placed on this hard ass table in which they erected and I turned out to be standing. The put the plate very close to my stomach and made me stand in the most awkward way and drink this nasty shit quickly so they could make sure I wasn’t leaking out of my stomach pouch. After that nauseating ordeal I was returned to my room. Oh, I forgot to mention my vomit burps huh? I would get these terrible gas pains and have to sit up quickly. I would have to burp loudly and spit up a little. They said this was normal and to walk. So walk I did. This episode happened while my mom was running to the house to take a shower. This time it was actual vomit. It was like bile and blood. They also said this was normal because my stomach was healing and that bile was that shit I drank. I threw up again after I had another walk. They had to give me anti nausea meds because it was so bad. That shit knocked me out good. I awoke to have Celeste beside me which was nice. I was so out of it. She brought me delicious smelling flowers and they were gorgeous. I walked a little more and then settled back into bed. Its all a bit of a blur until later when a slew of awesome showed up. My dad and sisters, my uncle, toya, tom, and darren, and also my friend amber. It was awesome to be surrounded by so much love in one day. I felt almost 100% but still sore. Around ten the nausea was hitting me again so my visitors dispersed. I felt so gross. The nurse doped me up again on that delicious anti nausea medicine that made me sleep til almost 4 am.
Today I had ultrasounds of my legs to check for blood clots, I forgot to mention I slept with these things of my calves to massage it so I wouldn’t get the clots. Even though I had these on my legs were cramping and hurt a ton. They still do. It takes a lot to get out of a chair or up the stairs. I am very stiff. SO the tests came back negative. I walked some more and was met up with Brandy who brought me a lovely peace pillow and candle. She is so sweet. We walked together some more. It was around 4 and I was still in the hospital when the Physician assistant came in to take out the painful drain. I had to lie in bed and oh my god it was the weirdest thing. It was a tube that was pretty IN my body. It was like they were taking an innards out of me. It was shocking and weird. After that the IV was taken out and I was discharged yay! So the next 48 hours I have to drink small sips of liquids and walk a lot to help with the gas. On Monday i’ll try pureed STUFF. I am feeling icky and gross again so I gotta go but thanks for all of your support and kind words and your love. I have a long road ahead of me!


12 thoughts on “surgery: the b sides. WARNING GROSS

  1. Wow, what an ordeal! I assume the drink/test thing is something specific to the sleeve?

    So you’re discharged now? At home? I’d live to come see you when you’re feeling up to it! Major hugs. The worst is over now. Heal, and enjoy those pain meds!

  2. That sounds really scary, but I’m glad you’re doing okay. I really wanted to plan a surprise visit to see you this weekend or next weekend, but unfortunately, I don’t have the money to come to DE right now. 😦

    I hope you get well soon, and I definitely want to have a photoshoot with you next time we’re together.

  3. KRYSTAL!!!! you are a strong women to undergo this. For u to take a step and understand that urn health is important. Sometimes for people to understand that its to late. U are a amazing women and a teacher to all. Your the package to preach urn journey. Love you lots and im proud of u. Keep going a fabulous job. 🙂

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