I am in love with Patrick Stumps vocal chords. The produce the most ahmazing sound. I miss Fall Out Boy but I’m hella glad that Patrick Stump is doing shit on his own.

peep it. He is sooo faboosh man. I remember seeing Fall out Boy live iwas like 16/17 and that show I was fully elbowed in the eye in this random ass mosh pit Midtown had going on during their set. I swear I loved meeting Gabe Saporta but I should’ve paid the 20 bucks to buy the cd and meet Fall Out Boy. I still rue the day I didn’t do that. It was a very foolish mistake. They would have probably loved my black eye. I am so annoyed today so they only cure is this nostalgic road i’m going down listening to “Oh, Nostalgia.”
I don’t know why i’m going so crey crey lately.
“depression is a little bit like happy hour, right? It’s always gotta be happening somewhere on any given night.”
Just certain bouts of these tears.
I’m not happy. I am happy I am on the road to recovery. I am happy I have a job when so many people are out of a job. I am unhappy that I have to settle for jobs that aren’t right for me just because I have to have a job.
I am unhappy I haven’t gone to school to get a degree in something so i can do what I love.
I am unhappy that money rules the mother fucking world.
I want to be able to write my book in peace. I want to get better and sing in a legit tour or something. I want to not listen to people cuss me out.
I’d really like it if I didn’t have to listen to really shitty attitudes 40 hours a week.
My pops is all no one likes their job.
Why is that? That should not be allowed. I am seriously going to spend a lot of my time working and I do not want to do that hating my job. I do not want to resent the alarm clock because I HAVE to work at a place where people have piss poor attitudes when you’re trying to help them.
SO RANTY. I just get annoyed when people are all “i’m going to die because YOU won’t authorize this.” Um. I do not have the power to authorize shit except you can take your husband to the doctors on the transportation we cover.
That is it. I don’t like people talking to me like trash. I don’t want that to be a part of my life. So after this surgery I am going to explore other options. Schooling for one definitely. I need to have job security and I have it here. I need money I get it here. Maybe I should just suck it up and be unhappy for the sake of a pay check?
I guess thats how everyone else lives.


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